After persistent criticism from colleagues: Lieven Annemans pulls …


Health economist Lieven Annemans is no longer part of the advisory body Celeval, which is to assist the Consultation Committee in the fight against the corona virus. Annemans resigns himself after the persistent criticism of his media appearances.

No Lieven Annemans at the Celeval meeting this morning. The health economist, affiliated with Ghent University and the VUB, has resigned and will no longer assist the federal government in the corona crisis. Both Annemans and various Celeval members confirm this to our editorial team.

Annemans nicknamed herself “happiness professor”. In that capacity, he argued in September for relaxation of the corona measures, and he repeatedly questioned the credibility of the epidemiological figures of the Sciensano health institute. Annemans stated that the mental damage of the corona measures would weigh more in the long term than the physical damage. This critical view put him in direct opposition to other scientists, including virologist Marc Van Ranst.

Last Sunday Annemans was a guest in The Seventh Day. Annemans insinuated that the Wilmès government had not relaxed the corona rules in September. That view has been harshly criticized on social media.


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