630 new infections, the rate of positive tests – 1.8% – news in Israel


בדיקת קורונה.  אילוסטרציה

Corona test. Illustration


The Ministry of Health updated that yesterday 630 new infections were diagnosed in Corona and another 62 were added at midnight.

The rate of positive tests in the last day was 1.8% of the more than 36,000 tests that were deciphered.

738 of the active patients in Israel are hospitalized, of whom 410 are in a severely defined condition and 190 are resuscitated. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 2,511 people have died in Israel from the complications of the virus.

Meanwhile the Corona Cabinet has decided that this coming Sunday the synagogues will be opened with a limit of ten worshipers, the B & Bs will be opened, the hairdressers and also the cosmetics salons.

On November 8, on Sunday in a week, only street shops will open. If the decrease in morbidity reaches a weekly average of 500 new verified people a day or less – the opening of street shops will be brought forward.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Finance Minister Israel Katz voted against the decision. Edelstein demanded to carry out relief every two weeks as previously decided, and only when clear data are seen indicating a continued decline in morbidity.

The decision to open the B & Bs was made following pressure from Tourism Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen. “After my many efforts, I am very pleased with the decision of the Corona Cabinet tonight to bring forward the opening of B & Bs to nuclear families from this coming Sunday,” the minister said. “Go out and have fun and thus also help the rural tourism industry, only we all have a responsibility to keep the rules and the health of us all.”


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