A swimming pool in a kibbutz near Tivon was closed and the kibbutz was fined Watch the video from the Corona Closure Enforcement Live here


Israeli police officers are tightening enforcement, following government directives. The pool operator claimed in his defense that it was a private pool, but the police explained to him that as long as it was not a group of bathers who were not from the nuclear family, it was a violation of the closure.

Watch the video from the enforcement:

Enforcement of the closure of a kibbutz swimming pool

(Photo: Israel Police)

The Israel Police informed Haifa:

The national struggle to curb the spread of the corona virus:
This morning, the police closed a pool on a kibbutz near Kiryat Tivon that was open in violation of the guidelines and fined the kibbutz management NIS 5,000.

Police officers from the Zevulun station arrived at a kibbutz near Kiryat Tivon this morning following information received by the police about the fact that the swimming pool is open.
Meanwhile, it was found that the swimming pool in the kibbutz was open in violation of the guidelines and about 20 of the kibbutz residents bathed there, and therefore a fine of NIS 5,000 was registered for the person in charge of the pool.
The Israel Police considers running a business in violation of emergency regulations to be serious and will take increased action to enforce the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, for the sake of public peace.

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Corona – Emergency Regulations


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