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Fenerbahçe Coach Ersun Yanal, in the 21st week of the Super League, drew against Aytemiz Alanyaspor 1-1 in a match against the VAR in the last minute penalty.

“We can play badly but how do you eat my right”

Ersun Yanal said, when the microphone did not work when he entered the press conference held after the match, “Even the microphone doesn’t work, the VAR and the microphone don’t work. “ He continued his words by saying:

“In a place where there is no justice, there is no football or nothing. Fenerbahçe cannot be a community that will be managed unfairly with administrative decisions. It is not possible. Everyone will stand up in this regard. Football environment has started to get seriously tense. We do not comment on the referees. We do not take that way like that. We can make the wrong decision and respect. We claim that it is the best VAR system in Europe. You do not go to the position where you should go to VAR. We can play badly but how do you eat my right. Who will pay if you eat this right. “This job is not like taking a selfie. This is a serious job. How does this communication not take place? If the VAR tells me that there is no news, the man in VAR is either sleeping or knocking or doing what”

Ersun Yanal said that he found it right to go to VAR in the positions of his competitors. “He’s supposed to go, he’s gone. We’re not getting higher than that. Well, who gives you the right not to go in our positions? I really wonder. Talking football in these conditions is accepting these decisions. I don’t accept those decisions.” found the assessment.

“If they don’t want us, let’s rest for a while”

Yanal, who argues that there is an environment of chaos in football, “Whoever pulls his feet, relax, relax. Why do we always talk about this? You should also consider this issue. The media is the leader in this regard, telling the public to the public. Please, this is not only for Fenerbahçe, but also for the justice of Turkish football. big community, gotta be serious“he said.

Ersun Yanal stated that he did not ask the referee anything.“How can I ask?“commented.

“Sometimes there is not even an initiative referee in the VAR system”

Yanal stated that he would prefer to be defeated rather than talking about them. “Sometimes there is not even an initiative referee in the VAR system. We want justice about the validity of this app. I don’t find it too fair. So what will happen?” he spoke.

Ersun Yanal, “Are you thinking of withdrawing from the league? ” to the question, “This is a big decision. It is used according to the arrival of this. It cannot be our decision. It hurts so much now. Football should be done in justice. The rule does not change while playing this game. The rule changed in half. The goalkeepers’ feet started to be looked at. Think like that.” He gave the answer.

Ersun Yanal, the President of Trabzonspor Club Ahmet Ağaoğlu said “If you play, you will beat the referee. ” upon reminding of his words, “We couldn’t beat the referee in Trabzon. We played pretty well. Sometimes it doesn’t.” He spoke in the form.

Ersun Yanal touched upon the last minute penalty discussions, “Why are we not assessed at the point we have reached by using net technology. You are not looking at my eyes. Who is the answer to this? The answer to this? What about those who destroy? “ He completed his words.

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