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Hands up who has understood in the last few weeks what are the strategies, sporting or not, of Turin. No, seriously, I would like someone to explain to me what is going on in the grenade house because I have understood very little about the humiliating defeat against Atalanta, the worst at home in almost 114 years of history. And the (non) repair market has done nothing but make me even more perplexed.

In a January that saw practically all the seasonal goals (collapse in the championship and elimination from the Italian Cup) be seriously compromised, whatever reaction I would have expected from the club, in the end there was not. Why?

Why wasn’t Mazzarri chased out after that defeat that marked an incurable breaking point between the Tuscan coach and the environment regardless of what will happen in the rest of the season? Why has Cairo not given orders to operate (critically, clearly …) on the market not only to provide reinforcements, which are necessary for this team, but also to give a positive media response to the thousands of criticisms rained by fans and the press? Why lately has the image man of Turin become Comi who is interviewed every three for two after having held the so-called low profile for years? And why, on the contrary, our DS rarely appears on TV or in newspapers and plays his role exclusively from behind the scenes as if he did not really cover that role? After fifteen years, how can it not be clear to the president that a football club cannot be managed like any other publishing house?

Taurus: there is no market without sporting goals

It is disarming to note that season after season and market after market at Toro the dynamics are always the same, including the results that vary only by chance derived from external variables that cannot be controlled (such as the exclusion from the cups of the team that precedes us).

They tell us that the three players who have left do not affect the team’s performance this season, only to reflect that Laxalt and Bonifazi’s departure defeated two thirds of the strengthening summer market and that of Falque, a player who had shown great attachment. to the shirt, definitely what had been the prerequisite for the most expensive purchase in the history of granata (Verdi), that is, the Falque-Belotti-Verdi trident.

You surf on sight, without clear strategies in the eyes of us fans. This apparent demobilization (remember that up to the last minute of the market an attempt was made to sell Zaza, the second most expensive purchase ever …) it makes no sense wherever you want to look at it. Does Cairo want to sell Turin in the near future? So why should he deplete it in value if he wants to check the maximum price in a hypothetical negotiation? Mazzarri will no longer be the coach in the next season? All the more reason one should not be satisfied with the removal of those players who are unwelcome because it is not necessarily the case for the technical future. Are there no more sport goals for this season? Well, instead of demobilizing I would have bought young promises to start inserting them into the backbone of tomorrow’s team.

In short, I still don’t understand what strategy is behind this almost ataraxic attitude of society: everything happens, yet Cairo does nothing to react to events. And I don’t think the Blackstone affair has anything to do with the fact that the president, with the move of the indemnity, has sheltered himself from possible requests for personal millionaire compensation.

I believe that in Lecce there is much more than three points in the championship: a defeat would lead the president to have to make a move and abandon this “Taliban” immobility. Obviously, we hope that from Salento we will return with points, also because, given the current situation, it is better to reach 40 as quickly as possible, in order to avoid dangerous spring drifts. Time will tell. Of course, in 2020, in the era of communication at all levels, of social networks and wifi everywhere, a very trivial press conference would have prevented this sense of detachment between society and the fans from becoming ever greater. Time is gentleman, it is said, we will understand in a little while. Too bad that in the meantime we are always the fans to suffer …

Toro News columnist for some time, I give voice to the fan next door that is in each of us. Graduated in Economics, writing has always been my passion even if it has never become my job. Toro fan to the core, optimistic to the bitter end, in life a tackle better than a heel strike. Motto: it is not over until it is over.

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