Weather, when the cold returns: freezing irruption on the horizon


The “anomalous” heat will not last forever. Over the weekend high pressure it will once again be the protagonist on Italy and the mild climate will keep us company at least until Tuesday 18th except for the North where it can rain a little in Liguria. The site team however, he announces that Wednesday 19 February he will reach Italy a burst of cold air coming from Russia which will bring temperatures down to values ​​more appropriate to the season. According to experts, the mercury column will also drop by 5-6 ° C returning (finally) to the averages of the period.

Cold and unstable flow from February 19-20: forecasts

Second 3BMeteo, the cold and unstable flow will arrive intornor at 19-20 days “with a couple of impulses destined to transit quickly on the Peninsula not later than 22-23 “. The central-southern and Adriatic regions are most affected by the deterioration. However, this is a trend that needs further confirmation. We will talk about it in the next few days.

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