“Want the Summit of History”: Nola doesn’t stop


Still without loss this year (Getty Images)
Still without loss this year (Getty Images) | Photo:
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Chasing the Grand Slam Winning Record. Novak Jokovic defeated Dominic Thyme 2: 3 in a tremendous thriller in the Australian Championship final on Sunday. Nola wiped out a 1: 2 lag and showed his tremendous mental ability as he managed to overcome the stubborn Austrian in a 4-hour game. He is currently on 17 Major degrees, 3 less than Roger Federer, and he does not intend to stop.

“There’s a reason why I keep competing for full seasons,” he said Jokovic. “I think in order to have a chance to get to historic first place, I will do everything I can to do this season and next season, Roof. That’s what I can guarantee in terms of time and energy to achieve that goal. I’m very happy to start the season this way, “I set a lot of expectations for the season now. Anyway, no matter what happens, this season is already a success.”

The Serbian commented that his 5 and 2-year-olds are starting to grow: “I guess they are getting older when I want to spend more time with them and be the best dad to them. Not being on the road all the time. I come to a situation where I need to adjust To that. I’ll probably have to play less. ”

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