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The government, which has reduced the expectation to 200 million lira by stepping back on the responses in the Valuable Housing Tax, which is targeted at an annual income of 3 billion liras, has found a new solution to the budget deficit in the income tax. Thanks to article 15 of the “Law on Amendment of Some Laws with Geographic Information Systems” and an article added to the Zoning Law, Zoning Surplus Tax entered our lives for the first time without anyone noticing. The law passed by the General Assembly of the Parliament the night before will enter into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette. With the law, the share previously given to the municipalities for the change of zoning plan will be transferred to the public. For example, if the owners or contractors of a 1 million plot request a zoning plan change and the new value rises to 3 million, all 2 million will be collected by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization as a share of value increase. In addition, building permits cannot be issued without paying the share of value increase.


Tax expert and Başkent University Lecturer Dr. Ozan Bingöl stated that, if the regulation is well implemented, the share of interest groups used to be transferred to the public is a good method to create resources and said, “However, it seems incomplete and open to speculation.” Pointing out that those who have a man in the municipality will use the option of not demanding any increase in value if the application is made by the ministry, Bingöl said, “There is no provision regarding the“ increase in value share ”to be obtained over the value increases resulting from the change of the zoning plan without being claimed by the immovable owners. In addition, the share does not include the structure to be built on the land, nor does it include any increase in rent arising from various services or infrastructure brought by public institutions. The rent that will occur due to the increase in the value of the buildings to be built on the land will still remain to the land owners or the contractor. The landlord or contractor will be able to become profitable even by paying this share of value, since the development plan will increase precedent with the change. ”

Bingöl said that, due to the change in the zoning plan, the law cannot be more than a partial rent tax for the increase in the value of the land.

Ozan Bingöl

Among the largest public revenues in many countries

There are many examples of rent tax in the world. For example, in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Estonia, this rent is taxed under different names such as “Urban Rent Tax”, “Improvement Rent Tax” and “Speculation Tax”. Even in some countries, income from rent tax has an important share among public revenues. The main purpose in countries where rent tax is applied; both to save income on the budget and to prevent speculative activities and unfair earnings.

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