They will buy second-hand cars. Mind-blowing damage game


The inventory problem and price increases observed in new vehicles also affected the used automotive market. While the interest in second-hand automotive has increased, price increases have also been observed. However, consumers who want to buy second-hand vehicles draw attention to a statement in the explanation section of the advertisements they look for. In the explanation of the advertisements, which are found suitable for vehicles with “pert” and “heavy damage” registered especially for vehicles above a certain damage, there is a statement as “inflated damage record”.

This means that the vehicle is normally “pert”, “heavily damaged” or does not have as much damage as indicated in the amount, but is kept in this way to receive money from the insurance company. These expressions, which are seen especially in vehicles whose prices are lower than the market, cause consumers to be victims from time to time. Turkey Insurance Association (TSB), which measures the reporter get the citizens against this situation and answered questions about what he should do.

In the explanation regarding the questions, it is pointed out that, in terms of the end consumer, some concepts should be clarified firstly, according to the insurance legislation, two different procedures are followed for vehicles called “pert” in public, one of the procedures is heavily damaged vehicles (towed) and the other is fully damaged. It has been reported that it is operated for vehicles (scrap certified).

In the statement that the vehicle was deemed to have been damaged in accordance with the relevant legislation, if the repair costs exceeded the value of the damaged vehicle at the date when the damage occurred and at the same time it was determined that the vehicle became inadmissible with the expert report, ” The vehicles processed within the scope of the document in question are delivered to the facilities licensed by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, and these vehicles cannot be returned to traffic again. ” The statement said.

class = ‘cf’>In the statement, “If the repair costs exceed or exceed the value of the insured vehicle at the date of the occurrence, the vehicle is considered to be heavily damaged if it is determined in accordance with the expert report that the repair of the heavily damaged vehicle is possible. Insurance is not paid to the owner of the vehicle without submitting it to the company. After the vehicles are withdrawn from the traffic with a towing certificate, the repair expenses are paid by the insurance company and the regulation for re-traffic is included in article 41 of the Highway Traffic Law. ” The statement said.

In the statement, which was reminded that the amount of compensation in auto losses was determined by independent insurance experts, whose limits have been determined within the framework of the Insurance Law, considering the general conditions of the policy, the legislation did not give discretion to the insurance companies in determining the amount of damage.

In the statement that the related loss adjusters determined whether the damaged part related to repair can be repaired or not, if it cannot be repaired, it determines the qualification of the part that should be used and the labor and costs related to the repair, “In the expert assessments, the decision to eliminate the damage to the vehicle to be repaired during the traffic in the vehicle assessments, and to make the decision to withdraw the vehicle from the traffic in the standards prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. The insurance company is also responsible for the repair or compensation of the damage determined in the expert report at internationally accepted standards. ” expressions were used.

However, in some of the vehicles that are considered to be seriously damaged in the appraisals made within the scope of the insurance policy, the statement stated that the damaged vehicle was purchased by various persons or companies engaged in this business by compensating the loss of the insured / right holder instead of the repair decision.

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“In the tramer query made at this stage, the damage records of the vehicle reflect the amount written in the expert report, but whether the persons and institutions that purchase and repair the heavily damaged vehicle perform the repair in accordance with the standards specified in the expert report should be questioned by the people who purchased these vehicles in the market. Here, performing low standard repairs in order to make a profit, possible disruptions in vehicle safety during traffic or accident may return to people as loss of life and property. In this context, consumers should pay attention to which parts are changed when purchasing heavily damaged vehicles. It should be emphasized in particular that the standards of the repair costs determined by the insurance companies through the adjusters and the repair financial It is not a reasonably reasonable explanation in terms of insurance logic, since an insurance company inflates the amount of damage will increase the money that will come out of the insurance company’s safe. This issue should also be taken into consideration. ”

On the other hand, the damage information of both heavily damaged vehicles and partially damaged vehicles, which are paid by the insurance companies within the scope of traffic and automobile insurance, can be accessed through the services offered by the Insurance Information and Surveillance Center, and consumers can use these services before purchasing a second-hand vehicle and go to a maintenance and repair center they trust. It was emphasized that it would be in their own benefit to end the sales process after having it checked.

The statement also touched upon the legal sanctions of insurance abuses.
In order to obtain an unfair profit in the literature, the misuse of the insurance company, in the statement that the insurer has deliberately deceived by the insurer by means of an unrealistic declaration or deliberately deceived by the insured, in the “Policy Issue Stage” or “Within the Insurance Period. “It is reported that it is divided into two different categories.

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In the statement, which is stated to be one of the most typical examples of misconduct during the insurance period, the following was recorded:

“Insurance abuses are considered as the most common economic crime after tax evasion in many countries. Insurance abuses are considered qualified fraud within the scope of Article 158 of the Turkish Criminal Code (TCK) and are less than twice the benefit from prison and crime from four to ten years. Organized abuse cases, which were detected by our companies individually and detected by the Insurance Information and Monitoring Center within the Insurance Information and Surveillance Center, are brought to the judiciary and positive results are obtained in this context. The sensitivity that our General Directorate has shown to insurance abuses in recent years has been increasing, which makes us satisfied as a sector. Another important reflection of the prevention of abuse is the damage of companies. With the decrease in costs, it is reflected to the citizens as a decrease in the prices of the insurance policies. ”

In the event of a damage in the statement, whether or not the labor fee is reflected in the tramer record, the following were recorded:
“The task of determining insurance compensation is carried out by independent and impartial Insurance Experts within the scope of the Insurance Law. The legislation in force clearly reveals what elements of the expert reports should include, and all spare parts, paint, bodywork and mechanical workmanship and so on are reflected in these reports. In your question. The labor costs you have pointed out are both reflected in the expert reports and are included in the amounts stated in the inquiries made over the tramer, however, the fact that the parties show the amount of damage higher than they should be in order to get more compensation from the insurance company, as stated above, is clearly stated in the article 158 of TCK. It has been defined as a crime and necessary attempts are made by companies in this type of abuse. ”


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