There is still no sound from the lost millions in the company of the AKP municipality!


In the local elections held on March 31, 2019, Bilal Soykan, who was elected Akyazı Mayor from AKP, said that the municipality owes 65 million liras after he came to office.

Municipal subsidiary Ak Belde A.Ş. As a result of the reports of independent audit experts called to have their accounts checked, Ak Belde A.Ş. He explained that the 3 million 900 thousand liras that should have been in his safe was not in the safe, and there was no paperwork on where he was spent.


Upon these developments, Ak Belde A.Ş., owned by Akyazı Municipality, whose assets were seized by creditor companies. it was under investigation by ministry inspectors. The investigation on the municipality and its affiliates is still ongoing.

In the investigation started by the investigators in August 2019, ex-Mayor Hasan Akçan called the former Company Manager Nail Kahveci and the employees and representatives of the contractors in Ak Belde at that time and applied for information about the past period. However, to date, it has not been possible to determine where 3 million 900 thousand liras were spent in the coffers of the municipal company.


Bilal Soykan, a municipality company that was elected as the Mayor of Akyazı with a vote of 72 percent in the local elections of March 31, was unable to work due to its debts in Ak Belde, and the municipality’s debts exceeding TL 80 million were added to the debt of Ak Belde.

Ak Belde, a subsidiary of Akyazı Municipality, has a debt of approximately 23 million TL. It is stated that the total debt of the company and the municipality is 85 million lira according to these figures.

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