the three taken to the police station


The quarrel on the street, the big words against the police and the turn to the police station for identification. It is the eventful night of Elena Morali, Daniele Of Lorenzo is Gianluca “Scintilla” Fubelli, a trio ended up on the gossip pages after the model and influencer’s statements about her contemporary relationship with the Colorado comedian (with whom she had engaged in 2017) and the film producer Di Lorenzo.

According to what learned from, at 2 o’clock last night Morali and Di Lorenzo discussed animatedly in via Meravigli, in the center of Milan. The witnesses said that the model was angry and that the verbal dispute has reached increasingly high pitches, to the point that someone has called the police. The agents arrived in a few minutes but their presence was not enough to calm the hearts. Morali would continue to raise her voice and be invited to moderate the language.
After about ten minutes Scintilla also appeared, who on gossip sites and entourage is now presented as the ex-boyfriend of the girl originally from Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo). The latter, during an interview by Barbara D’Urso released in January, said: “At the beginning I was not with Gianluca. Daniele and I had a very troubled story, we were together. I think it happened to everyone to love two people at the same time, to not be able to choose because you don’t want to hurt either of them, you don’t want to make them feel bad. In a couple there are no universal laws, Scintilla and I have decided to try to be an open couple. When two people no longer get along, but continue to live together and take their freedoms. “

The ride to the police station

But let’s go back to last night. The arrival of Scintilla did not help pacify. Witnesses always tell that the actor turned to the agents with decisive words that convinced the policemen to clarify the whole situation with a collective tour of the police headquarters in via Fatebenefratelli. From investigative sources there are no measures against them and everyone has been invited to file a complaint against the others, if they believe they have been wronged.

Di Lorenzo, in an interview with Novella 2000, described the troubled relationship with Morali as follows: “Elena is splendid but unmanageable. It’s like when you get drunk: you feel happy, euphoric, powerful, but then the next day you feel so bad that you swear: Never again. Here, now I don’t want alcohol anymore. I want to be happy sober. I have to get out of this sick story. They are dynamic from a psychiatric clinic … Telling this story is therapeutic for me, it is a cure, it means getting out of it “.

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