The Supreme Court discusses the disqualification of MK Yazbak’s candidacy


MK will fight at the door of the Supreme Court hearing (Photo: Gil Yohanan)

Nine Judges’ Composition in Supreme Court chaired by President Esther Hayes discusses Likud petition, Israel Betinu and Jewish power to reject her candidacy on Wednesday
MK Hiba will rebound
From the joint list of elections for the 23rd Knesset.

At the beginning of the discussion, advocate Avi Halevi, who represents the Likud, claimed that Yezbek’s explanations for Facebook posts supporting terrorists Samir Kuntar and Dalal Mograbi could not be accepted. “There is a critical mass of anti-coping evidence, not one or two evidence. This is a big pantheon in which the entrance will suffer praise and praise from terrorists who murdered dozens of civilians. ”

Hiba will be at the forefront of the debate on the rejection of her candidacy for the Knesset (Photo: Shalom Peace)Will backfire in discussion(Photo: Shalom)

Justice Daphne Barak Erez wondered if the statements could not be regretted, and hinted at the clarifications of Itamar Ben Gvir, which allowed him to contest the Knesset elections. “My lord believes that there is no room for regret at all for disqualification, even those who express regret for racism, and that it is impossible to regret terrorism. Is this a new claim?” To this, Halevi replied: “We need to understand MK Yizbak’s worldview from which one can understand that explanations cannot be accepted.

Halevi added: “She goes on to say that I have a national political view, there is an Israeli with a conqueror, a conquered that is the Palestinians. According to international law, the conqueror is allowed to fight the conqueror, and the struggle is not murder and violence, it is a justified struggle and those who commit the same heinous murders They are freedom fighters and freedom. This is the basic worldview of MK Yizbak.

Requests for disqualification from Yezbak have resulted in a host of publications from its Facebook page. Among other things, an example was published of a picture of terrorist Samir Kuntar, who was sentenced to five life sentences and 47 years in prison after leading the squad that murdered the Haran family and two police officers in 1979, which reads: “The martyr,” in December 2015, the day after his assassination. In April 2013, Yazbeck released a picture of prisoner Summer Issaway, who in 2000 was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his part in carrying out shooting attacks against Israelis, stating that his release is “a day of victory.”

That month, Yazbak wrote a post supporting terrorists and awarded them the title “Saints.” In March 2013, she released a photo of terrorist Dalal Mograbi, who led the terrorist squad that carried out the terrorist attack on the coastal road, in which 35 Israelis were murdered, and wrote: “She managed to do so much even though she died at the age of 20. Salutes women’s resistance.” Yazbak, for her part, made it clear in an affidavit that she submitted to the Election Commission that she was resisting violence and that she had not called for harm to civilians or soldiers.

Attorney Hasan Jabarin representing Yizbak said that “I will try to convince you that apart from the two harsh and shocking posts that were published, the other evidence attributed to MK Yizbak falls in the heart of the Arab political culture in Israel. There is no connection between support for prisoners’ hunger strikes or resistance. In addition to the harshest formulation, which MK Yazbak added in the post of Dalal Mograbi, you will not find in all the evidence before you one sentence that says it supports an armed struggle. You won’t find a single share that has the words “armed struggle” or “armed resistance.”

Ben Gvir, who represents Jewish power, demanded that the High Court judges be consistent: “I do not want today to speak only about sacrifices but about values ​​of equality. On the first day Michael Ben Ari’s members were disqualified, and on the second ‘Benzi Gopstein and Baruch Marzel were disqualified’.

Hiba will be at the forefront of the debate on the rejection of her candidacy for the Knesset (Photo: Shalom Peace)

(Photo: Shalom)

Justice Fogelman commented and hinted to Ben Gvir that the High Court rejected the petition to disqualify his candidacy for the Knesset. My killing Arabs, and killing Arabs is wrong for me, “Ben Gvir said.

He added: “We did not know the possibility of a supplemental affidavit for the High Court, interestingly we did not know it. It is impossible for one law against Ben Ari and another for Yazbak. Katonese from reminding you, time and time again you have taught us that picky enforcement is jeopardizing the justice system. What I have come to ask for here is to act in the same way that your dignity acted in the matter of Ben Ari and Marzel, so that they will act in the Yazbak matter. ”

At the end of his remarks, Ben Gvir said that “Yizbak supports the killings of everyone in the State of Israel. Anyone who speaks decisively and is not even capable of some condemnation can not be in the Knesset. I would like to use the same standards of Ben Ari.”

Hiba will be at the forefront of the debate on the rejection of her candidacy for the Knesset (Photo: Shalom Peace)

(Photo: Shalom)

The Central Election Commission rejected the nomination last week. The proposal for the Yazbak disqualification supported Blue and White, the Likud, Shas, Israel Beitano, the Jewish House, the Labor Bridge, the New Right and the Torah Judaism. The proposal was opposed by the Democratic camp and the joint list. 28 members of the committee voted in favor of the disqualification, while seven opposed.

“I oppose the sad and unfortunate attempt to unite around the disqualification of the Arab MK that advocates for democracy. I refer to what was here as another incitement against the Arab public. I do not call for violence, I am in favor of equality, justice and peace and for that I will continue to fight, ”said Yazbak after her disqualification.

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