The Federation team left for Finland


Five Israeli national team players, Shelly Brezniak, Lada Katich, Lina Glushko, Nicole Hirin and Comet Kimchi, teamed up with captain Tzipi Obziler for Helsinki to compete in the Federation Cup.

Eight teams will take part in the competition in Finland and will be divided into two houses. Israel may face Egypt and Tunisia in two spicy meetings. The draw will take place tomorrow (Monday). The teams that finish in the first two places in the houses will cross, the latter will compete against the relegation to home 3.

Federation team (Photo: Tennis Association)Federation team(Photo: Tennis Association)

The games will take place in the suburbs of the city in an impressive facility containing 22 indoor lots and 21 outdoor lots, 10 of which are clay and another stadium. The games will be held from the 4th

Until February 7 and the participating teams besides Israel, Egypt, Tunisia and Finland are Denmark, Georgia, Portugal and Moldova. The Tunisian national team plays Rape Jabour, who reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Championship.

“Federation Week is very special and exciting,” said Obelizer. “We are a young team that comes with a lot of energy. We compete with teams that some are experienced with top 200 players. There are no easy games, but the Federation Cup plays for the flag and other energies. We believe in our players and the entire team will do everything to succeed.”


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