Striking claim after 12 years: Isparta plane reduced by 99 percent


In Isparta, on the 30th of November 2007, 7 crew members and 57 crews died in the passenger plane that crashed in Türbetepe, which fell to Istanbul at Isparta, which fell from Türbetepe when it landed at Süleyman Demirel Airport.

Among the passengers on board lost their lives, thorium in Turkey, Turkish Accelerator Project, Science City and from Bogazici University Professor process is important study about the CERN Dr. Engin Arık and research assistant Özgen Berkol Doğan, graduate student Engin Abat and Professor from Doğuş University. Dr. Şenel Fatma Boydağ, Assoc. Dr. İskender Hikmet and research assistant Mustafa Fidan also died.


Professor Dr. Due to the involvement of Engin Arık and his accompanying scientists, the allegations of sabotage were related to the plane crash, which has been raised many times. Dr. Professor Engin Arık’s closest co-workers and family friend, TOBB ETU Department of Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering. Dr. Saleh Sultansoy made striking claims.

About 12 years behind the accident, which was allegedly a pilot error, Dr. Saleh Sultansoy, whom he met in 1991 and worked together in many projects in the following period. Dr. He claimed that the plane, where Engin Arık and his accompanying scientists died, was reduced by 99 percent.


Asserting that this incident is not an accident, Prof. Dr. Saleh Sultansoy said, “Prof. Dr. Engin Arık is a martyr of science. The plane was shot down with a probability of 99 percent. Ms. Peters who sacrificed itself to Turkey’s development a science AnImIzdI people. One aircraft was düşürülmes, Turkey would be noble members at CERN today. Turkey would be among the world leader in thorium race. The Turkish Accelerator Complex and the Turkish Science City were established. Such projects played a critical role in Japan’s development. ”


Stating that he had made these claims a few days after the plane crashed. Dr. Saleh Sultansoy said, “There was altitude playing. There is a play within 2 to 3 hours and wrong information came to our region from the system from satellites. So there is a difference of 500 meters. The 500 meter difference is just enough to hit the mountain. Information on this subject came from 1-2 channels. I told the experts who told me, ‘Get out on the TV,’ but they didn’t take that risk. There may be other methods, but they probably did this work with this method. ”


Stating that the states capable of doing this are certain, Prof. Dr. Sultansoy said, “We do not know which one is doing, of course, but whoever did it was for his benefit. 2007 was a critical year for our Turkish Accelerator Complex, CERN and thorium studies. At that time I was not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, was working under contract at Gazi University. My contract was prevented from being extended, and despite the court decisions, my contract was not extended, I was unemployed for 8 months ”.


Stating that there are other issues besides the accident, Prof. Dr. Sultansoy said: “In the training facility, which is the preliminary stage of the Turkish Accelerator Complex, many things have come to the top, such as incorrect selection of technology, and when I look at them, I think 99 percent probability is not an accident. Today, the “power of matter” is being investigated in the most advanced CERN. In order for us to carry out these researches in the geography, we should establish the Turkish Accelerator Complex as soon as possible. As Mehmet Akif said, we should head to thorium, which is our domestic, national and green energy source, to benefit from the power of matter in our energy production. ”


Professor Dr. Prof. Engin Arık said that in 2005, a meeting was held in Ankara on CERN studies and they wrote a letter directly to the Prime Minister. Dr. Sultansoy said, “We started the process over the Turkish Physical Society. Turkey Atomic Energy Agency, the Prime Minister about the CERN (TAEK) was commissioned, TAEK CERN CERN Scientific Committee and the office was created.

Although there were some ‘Byzantine games’, CERN studies gained momentum in our country until 2010, our Prime Minister visited CERN in 2008. He then instructed the initiation of the full membership process. Unfortunately, since 2011, ‘Byzantine games’ reached its peak. Turkey withdrew its application for full membership in 2015 and associating (spare) was a member, “he said.


Turkey admitted with Israel in 2014, indicating that they are full members of Serbia in 2019, Prof. Dr. Sultansoy said, “Slovenia and Cyprus are about to complete the process.

There have been very sad developments in recent months, the budgets of our CERN projects have been cut in half, and on the other hand, the rumor is spreading that we will even be a substitute member. Consider the psychological state of our young people working on CERN projects. ”


Stating that serious mistakes were made in the Turkish Accelerator Complex Project in 2007 and after. Dr. Sultansoy said, “The most important is the wrong technology for the small-scale educational accelerator, which is the preliminary stage of the project.

Engin Hodja and me, who opposed it at that time. Then the two most important parts of the main project are blocked. In 2016, the small-scale accelerator that was converted into a user-oriented facility replaces the main project and it is not clear when it will be completed. But the main project would take place before 2023, and Turkey will be among the leading countries in this field, “he said.

Asserting that there are no games left to prevent CERN from participating in the ATLAS experiment. Dr. Sultansoy said: “It continues even today. Per diems, the allocated money is cut, our project has been blocked for three years. If Engin Hodja was alive, they would not have been able to do it.

They had very important projects about thorium. In fact, these studies were awarded with the Nobel Prize winner in 1997. Dr. We started with Carlo Rubbia. In 1998, we submitted an information note to the TAEK presidency, and in January 2003, we held a meeting in Eskişehir with the participation of around 100 scientists. In the meeting, working and coordination groups were created within the scope of the necessary structuring on this matter. ”


Explaining that the first decisions regarding thorium were accepted at the High Council of Science and Technology one month after the meeting. Dr. Sultansoy continued as follows:

* There are 4 direct Science Technology Higher Board decisions regarding thorium. His decisions had to be enforced. Strange games are gone here and decisions are not implemented. If Engin were alive, we would have been very advanced in this regard. Turkey would be among the world leader in thorium.

* Thorium reserves are sufficient to meet the entire energy needs of Turkey over the centuries. Already thorium Peters had entered the teacher’s statement on Turkey’s agenda. Let’s protect CERN, Turkish Accelerator Complex and thorium. (DHA)


Immediately after the plane crash in Isparta created in accordance with regulations and Turkey’s best pilot, flight engineer, engineer, accident carnage delegation consisting of air traffic controllers and technicians, had put forward a detailed accident carnage report by doing the necessary work within the framework of international and national legislation. In the conclusion part of the report, the following information was noteworthy: “The only reason for the crash was that the pilots landed on Türbe Tepe instead of the runway instead of 223-30 = 193 degrees with 223 + 30 = 253 degrees, thus dropping the plane to Türbe Tepe with a deviation of 60 degrees. It was determined that the plane did not get out of control due to any malfunction, and no failure was reported to the tower either during takeoff or landing.

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