Stopped again: Lester finished 0-0 at Wolves


English League 19-20

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14/02/2020 23:58
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Jamie Vardy in Fighting the Ball (Reuters)

Jamie Vardy in Fighting the Ball (Reuters)

The 26th round in the English league opened tonight (Friday), where we received a top-tier fight on paper promising a lot, but in practice not too much. Leicester, the third in the standings, stayed with Wolves and broke up with her at 0: 0, preventing her from climbing temporarily to second place at Manchester City’s expense.

The Foxes stopped for the second straight time after 2: 2 against Chelsea in the previous cycle and Pep Guardiola’s team could increase the gap from it to 4 points if they win later in the cycle. On the other hand, the Wolves, who looked excellent this season, went on to lose height with a third win without a win and could, at the end of the cycle, find themselves falling to tenth place in the table.

The game itself did not rise to a high level and those who could possibly come out more disappointed with it are Wolves, who has threatened more times on the gate but has not found the frame. What’s more, the Wolves failed to win a numerical advantage in the last 14 minutes, after Hamza Chudori of Wolves was stripped of yellow two, leaving his team with ten players.

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