Stocks with upside potential according to Goldman Sachs


The uncertainties that are seen on the markets at the moment push to look for stocks with potential upside.

Whether it’s geopolitical problems or coronavirus alarms, markets have found new volatility.

Opportunities to invest and earn

But this also allows you to find opportunities to invest and earn. In fact, regardless of what happens internationally, investors are always looking for the best opportunities to buy or sell shares. Based on this assumption, the Goldman Sachs experts have searched for stocks with potential upside for the next few months.

Stocks with upside potential according to Goldman Sachs

One of the first stocks with potential upside according to Goldman Sachs is Denali Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: DNLI) The biotechnology company focused on the study of neurodegenerative diseases including the treatment of Parkinson’s disease has seen a 34% increase since the beginning of the year. In addition to the progress of its pipeline, the good performance of the experimentation process on some drugs precisely for the treatment of Parkinson’s gave the boost. Therefore Goldman Sachs’ Salveen Richter has updated the rating of the Denali stock from Neutral to Buy. Added to this is also a target price increase from $ 20 to $ 37. Translated into figures: a security with a 58% upside potential.

The best advice from analysts to overcome market crises

But among the stocks with upside potential according to Goldman Sachs, Sibanye Gold, the largest South African producer of precious metals, should also be mentioned. The uncertainty mentioned at the beginning is a determining factor for gold. The diversification-based investment strategy is the best advice from analysts to overcome market crises. This is why gold is rewarded in moments of volatility. And Sibanye shares increased by over 250% in 2019. Currently, in addition to the Buy rating, there is a target price set at $ 14 which implies an upside potential of 36%.

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