Statement from the Kremlin about ‘threats to the Russian ambassador’!


Russian Ambassador Alexei Yerhov, the tension in Idlib said in a statement that period in Turkey climbed to Turkey Sputnik had made a declaration that he received some threats.

Yerhov’s comments were asked to the Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov.

Peskov asked the question, “the Turkish side, according to the spirit of our both the Vienna Convention and relations, Russian Ambassador (Aleksey Yerhov), where Russian companies working in no doubt because it takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of Russian institutions in each and Turkey” responded as.

A Turkish Foreign Affairs official, who made a statement to Sputnik on the subject, said, “All necessary measures are taken on the basis of the Russian Embassy in Ankara and all relevant consulates, diplomats and family members in our country on the basis of 24/7. All kinds of denunciations and requests sent to our Ministry regarding the security of their representatives or diplomats in our country are seriously evaluated and reported to our authorities regarding the urgency. ”

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