Silvia Provvedi reveals: “I’m waiting for a female. Crown? I feel sad”



Silvia Provedi pregnant, here are the first photos with the baby bump

TO Silvia Toffanin the singer says: “For the first time I am thinking only and exclusively of my present and my future. I really put the past aside, but without forgetting it. My greatest wish is to be able to have serenity, happiness and union. I found a person who kidnapped my heart, a man who gave me the sun back. ”

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Looking back, about the story you had with Fabrizio CoronaSilvia confides: “For Fabrizio I feel a little sadness, I wish him serenity in his future and especially for his son. I do not give up anything I did, I would also go back to television to defend him, but I am happy that my life has evolved positively. Sometimes to do good you end up not doing it to yourself “.

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