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Reşat Yaşar, who left his girlfriend about 1 month ago, Valentine’s DayIn order not to enter alone, he resorted to an interesting method.

Yaşar, who came to Yeşilsu Park, which is one of the most important points of the city, started to wander by wearing a banner saying ‘I am looking for an urgent lover, he put it on my life’.

Yaşar also wrote the mobile phone number on the banner for those interested in him. Reşat Yaşar, who walks in the city center with a banner and shouts, “Singleness has gotten to my life,” said, “I left my darling a month ago. I did something like that in proportion to him. He said to me,” Nobody is old anymore, you will not like you. ” I thought, ‘I thought, and such an idea came to my mind. Today, I am like an orphan child because it is Valentine’s Day. I am traveling in the streets to find lovers. I hope to find a lover on Valentine’s Day. ”

Some people in the neighborhood took photos by celebrating Yaşar, whom he looked at with surprise, and then for his courage.

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