Rolex arrives in the Gallery, the super auction between thirteen brands on Monday


Goodbye Stefanel, Rolex arrives in the Gallery. The two showcases of the clothing brand will close shortly (the third had already been assigned by the Municipality to the French of Longchamp) and in their place will arrive the company Damiani, the Italian dealer of the famous luxury watch brand. Stefanel’s rent expires in a few days and in July the Municipality’s call for the new assignment of the premises had gone deserted. But Damiani’s offer arrived at Palazzo Marino in recent weeks and has therefore chosen the path of direct negotiation: 875 thousand euros plus one (the previous auction base was set at precisely 875 thousand euros) for the 470 square meters of the shop. Not only that: Damiani — Rolex will have the obligation to rent also from the upper floor of the shop and undertakes to hire Stefanel’s staff. State councilor Roberto Tasca satisfied: We have carried out another important intervention in the Gallery: an international brand for an Italian company. Furthermore, with this assignment we can also intervene in support of Stefanel’s workers.

Another duel in the Gallery the one that is consumed on Monday around the Armani and Versace spaces, contested by thirteen brands. Armani’s boutique – which in turn will move to where Tim was, with a view of the Octagon – interests Tod’s, Prada, Fendi Italia, Bottega Veneta, Damiani and Salmoiraghi & Vigan (Luxottica). In all 326 square meters for an auction base of 872,105.40 euros. The other to Hermes, Dior, Damiani, Maxima (Max Mara), Prada and Luxury retail (Yves Saint Laurent), as well as to Salmoiraghi & Vigan (already retired after having advanced the technical offer) and to Versace herself. The three windows on the ground floor with mezzanine and basement in use in Versace instead measure a total of 324 square meters for an auction base of 950,910.80 euros. The auction will begin Monday morning at eleven in the offices of the registry office in via Larga.

continuous auction, in the Gallery. It all started in November, when three brands – Armani, Tod’s, Prada— fought to the sound of relaunching the rent of the 302 square meter showcases, previously occupied by Tim, with a view of the Octagon. After 24 hikes, Armani won and won the space rental for 1.9 million euros per year. The Municipality will tender the 60-square-meter room that it assigned to the Del Vallino silverware of the Buccellati group two years ago: the brand had carried out some work on the mezzanine in the shop without the necessary authorizations. There are now about twenty expiring shop concessions. A treasure in the living room of the city. That Palazzo Marino wants to make fruit until the last cent. The administration’s declared objection to bring the rent for the premises in the Gallery to € 40 million. To make the idea in 2007, the revenue from the license fee was still at eight million.

February 14, 2020 | 13:12


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