Rivlin asked the President of Peru to grant pardon to the Israeli detainee


State President Reuben Rivlin on Saturday appealed to Peru President Martin Wiscara Cornho to grant a pardon to Hudiya Monsango, the Israeli with special needs detained in his country for six months. Hoodia, 24, was arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle drugs and charged with drug trafficking.

In his address, the president wrote that Hoodia was suffering from medical problems and emphasized that Hoodia did not have a criminal record and that her unique condition, described in the president’s letter, likely led her to be allegedly involved in the matter, unintentionally.

The president asked for the authorities’ consideration of her delicate situation and that thanksgiving only speaks Hebrew and therefore has difficulty communicating with her local lawyers. “Given these difficult humanitarian circumstances, we are very concerned about Hoodia’s mental and physical security, especially in light of her extended detention and distance from her family,” the president emphasized in his letter, adding:

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