Quarter and gram gold prices February 13: Gold prices are at a horizontal trend!


The gram price of gold and the favorite of citizens are the current status and current price information below the quarter. Gold, a safe haven for investors, rose sharply due to the recent virus outbreak. So, how much were the gold prices? How much is a quarter gold?


Quarter gold: 494 pounds

Half a gold: 994 pounds

Gram gold: 304.20 Lira

Republic gold: 2 thousand 24 pounds

Full gold: one thousand 978 pounds



14 FEBRUARY It is aimed that the density will peak in the jewelry sector, which is activated with the approach of Valentine’s Day. While those who want to buy jewelry to celebrate this meaningful day by purchasing jewelery to their lover or spouse, jewelers have warned against increasing fraud these days.

The movement started with the approach of 14 February Valentine’s Day in the jewelery shopkeepers who have been stagnating for a while due to rising gold prices. Jewelry shopkeepers launched special discounts on Valentine’s Day in order to attract more attention of the public. Personalized designs attract attention in the shops where so many products from solitaire to pentagram, heart necklaces, Ottoman jewelry, diamonds and pearls are on sale. In addition, the jewelery shopkeeper warns the public against the increasing fraud these days.

Turgay Baransel, President of the Izmir Chamber of Jewelers, said, “These frauds are not something citizens can understand. Jewelers can understand this. It is necessary to shop from reliable jewelers. At the same time, citizens should print on the card how many grams and what price they bought the product from. To prevent fraud, we are implementing an application that has never been done in the Aegean Region before. We will establish a gemology laboratory in the room where it will be determined whether the jewelery certificate is counterfeit or not. ”


Saying that the intensity of Valentine’s Day has started and Şerif Sayhan, who has been making jewelry for 15 years in Izmir Historical Kemeralti Bazaar, “We are waiting for 14 February Valentine’s Day patiently and we hope that our sales will increase gradually. We brought heart necklace products special to today and made our preparations. We anticipate that sales will accelerate towards the end of this week. Citizens are researching and receiving gifts. This season baguette products are in trend again. Apart from this, there is a great demand for old products. Young people now prefer Ottoman-style diamonds and rose earrings. There is a big comeback. We brought the chains used by our grandparents back to life. Social media has also been a reflection of our industry. Citizens especially demand the models they see on TV and the Internet. Currently, the price of a solitaire starts from minimum thousand TL, but the upper figure has no limit. ”


Another shopkeeper Nihat Ağlat, who works at the Izmir Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, said, “We have a great expectation for this special day. In previous years, there was a great density. There wasn’t even a special day to buy gold, but now the conditions have changed. Due to February 14, “crispy” products are preferred with the expression of jewelery. Since these are more affordable products, they both take heart and do not push the budget. The return to old is also on the agenda in jewelry. Especially ads increase the rapid spread of this fashion. ”

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