Protests against F1 at the Super Bowl in Miami – La Gazzetta dello Sport


A procession against the GP project before the challenge between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers

Protests in Miami against the project, of an F1 Grand Prix. Protesters took to the streets with signs and banners around the Hard Rock Stadium before the Super Bowl between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers began. Not a random choice, given that the GP would pass right in the area where there is the facility where the Miami Dolphins play. «NO to the F1 Grand Prix», «You are not welcome», it was written on the placards brought by various people, all part of the anti-grand prix committee whose activity meant that the test, initially scheduled for this year, it would slip to a later date. Attempts by the mayor of Miami, Carlos Gimenez, to explain to the residents the economic benefits that a grand prize could bring to the area and to the whole city are useless. For tomorrow the mayor has always scheduled a meeting with a representative of the demonstrators to return to discuss the matter.

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