President Erdogan: Nobody has never regretted investing in Turkey


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey-Pakistan Business Forum.

Starting his speech by greeting all the participants, President Erdoğan expressed his gratitude to be in Pakistan, which they consider as their second home, and thanked the Pakistani authorities and the entire Pakistani people for their hospitality.

Erdogan said that they had a full visit to Pakistan and had a sincere conversation with President Arif Alvi yesterday and reminded that they had the opportunity to appeal to the parliamentarians who are representatives of the national will at the joint session of the Pakistan National Assembly and Senate.

Expressing that after the business forum, Prime Minister Han will head the 6th meeting of the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council, Erdogan said, “Thus, we will increase the momentum in our relations with our brother Pakistan. I wish it to be from Allah “.

Thanking those who contributed to the business forum, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“I hope that the contacts you have and will establish with the business forum will open the door of new collaborations and new partnerships. We want to increase our commercial and economic ties with Pakistan to the level of our political relations. Unfortunately, despite the increasing trade and investments, we see that we are far behind our potential in this field. . I do not yakıştıra total population of 300 million and Pakistan’s trade with Turkey to remain at 804 million dollars frankly our country. and after you must take on rapidly than $ 1 billion before our bilateral trade must move $ 5 billion to our goal. ”


Emphasizing that it is clear that these goals cannot be achieved only with good wishes, Erdogan said, “We should take decisive, clear and strong steps in line with our common goal. We are aware of the similarity of the two countries especially in export items, but there are also many areas in our economies that can complement each other as they are competing sectors. We need to move our trade to the position it deserves. For this, we must prevent the rising protectionist walls from entering the world. ”

Underlining that they have achieved a noticeable momentum at the investment point recently, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“Turkey’s find $ 500 million in foreign direct investment in Pakistan. Turkish companies to energy to food, in many areas, construction of cleanliness I take great satisfaction from its operations in Pakistan. Company Our where they work in a way worthy of the Turkey-Pakistan friendship, they serve to Pakistan. Our companies are planning to further grow their existing investments. Anadolu Group $ 200 million and life Chemistry worth $ 350 million had additional investment plans. Likewise Sutas a homologue of the largest milk processing plants in Turkey in Punjab with Pakistani partners will soon be implemented. These are the news that make us laugh. ”

In Turkey, Pakistan, with 158 firm operates pointed out that Erdogan capital, said that the company is close to the total investment amount of 100 million dollars.

Stating that they hope that this number and the amount of investment will increase further, Erdoğan said:

“Both domestic in our discussions assumptions me both abroad gold is an issue I draw every opportunity, we are ‘foreign investment’ rather than ‘FDI’ We prefer to call it. There is no national capital because according to our understanding, so make capital nationalism is not the right approach. Turkey We do not see a difference between international companies investing in Turkey and our own companies. We support international investments not only with legal regulations but also institutionally. We have opened our doors to everyone who believes in the investment potential of our country, and we will continue to open them. ”

The headlines from Erdogan’s comments are as follows:

‘I am very happy to be in Pakistan, which we see as our second home. We want to maximize the level of our political relations with our trade ties with Pakistan. We do not yakıştıra total population of 300 million and 804 million dollars to keep our country trade of Turkey and Pakistan. We should increase our bilateral trades above $ 1 billion and then move to the $ 5 billion target. We must prevent the protectionist walls from getting in between us. Turkey’s direct investment in Pakistan is about $ 500 million. We prefer to call international investment instead of foreign investment. Capital has no nationality. Doing capital nationalism is not the right approach. So far, trusting in our country, no one has never regretted investing in Turkey.


Sino-Pakistan economic corridor projects should be better explained to Turkish investors. We can identify a pilot sector investment and bring together several large companies from both sides. I learned that Pakistani people prefer Western countries for treatment. Turkey has made great strides in health infrastructure. In conformity in prices both in the service of Turkey is too advanced countries in the West. new route for treatment of our Pakistani brothers in Turkey, which should be treated the same services more affordable price. ”

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