Prescription, Pagnoncelli survey: Italian justicialists, Alfonso Bonafede’s reform promoted


The latest poll of Nando Pagnoncelli for the Corriere della Sera it concerns the institution of the prescription, but above all the reform signed by Alfonso Bonafede that is making the majority creak. The reform, approved by the previous government and entered into force from January 2020, is not very well known among Italians. Indeed only 5% of respondents said he knew it in detail, while the 40% he knows it briefly and the 36% he has only heard of it. Even a fifth of Italians (19% to be exact) ignores the Bonafede reform. Instead of the institution of prescription, a justicialist approach by the majority of respondents.

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57% consider the prescription a convenient one way out of those guilty of convictions, citing reasons for certainty of punishment in favor of the prescription stop. Among voters who favor the equation prescription-loophole, the peak is reached by grillini (76%); the Democrats (65%) and the Northern League (54%) follow. Only the 20%, mostly Forza Italia voters and Fratelli d’Italia voters, thinks that the prescription is one warranty for the accused come on endless processes. Finally, almost a quarter of Italians (23%) do not have a precise idea.

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