Prescription, no Renzians to the amendment to the Milleproroghe. The Democratic Party: it is now done


Prescription, no Renzians to the amendment to the Milleproroghe. The Democratic Party: it is now done

ROME Matteo Renzi announces that he wants to continue the battle on prescription in Parliament. Threat popped up, according to the allies, if it is true that Italia Viva will vote for confidence in the government. So much so that Nicola Zingaretti already turns the page and says that a “good point of arrival” has been reached on the prescription: now the government must start a new phase without “pickaxes”, he repeats.

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The scheme agreed by Minister Alfonso Bonafede with the Dems envisages the presentation, probably today, of an amendment to the Milleproroghe decree to suspend the Bonafede law for about a month and in the meantime to modify it with the so-called “Conte bis award”, which makes the blocking of the prescription only after a double sentence. As soon as the rule is voted on in the Commission, probably tomorrow, the Council of Ministers will meet to approve the reform of the criminal trial, which aims to reduce the time of trials. Waiting for the amendment to be approved serves to ensure that the path to “lock” the statute of limitations is working. And it is not obvious. Indeed, according to Italia Viva, the plan will jump.

Because, as Forza Italia denounces with Enrico Costa, the amendment risks not being admissible: the Milleproroghe decree should only contain extensions and not the modification of a criminal law. “It would be a scandal”, denounced by IV Ettore Rosato, according to which Italia Viva “will counter any institutional forcing”. Five stars and Dem are optimistic: the legislative offices in via Arenula are filing the norm to pass every scrutiny. But the opposition is already preparing to protest, appealing first of all to the presidents of the Chambers to block the “blitz”.

At that point, if the amendment does not pass, the “Conte bis award” could be included in the reform of the criminal trial or entrusted to a completely parliamentary process (the proposals of FI and Leu on prescription are being discussed in the Chamber committee) . But times would lengthen, prolonging a political confrontation that even Prime Minister Conte would like to close as soon as possible. Even the Dem push to close the game as soon as possible: the rule in the Milleproroghe would be armored with confidence in the House and Senate. Iv would protest, perhaps desert the Council of Ministers on the reform of the criminal trial, but then move on.
In the majority, however, there are those who still try to mediate. And he hopes for a path – but Bonafede remains against it – that includes a six-month postponement and then the confrontation in Parliament. The Dem Michele Bordo, in the morning, sees a “backtrack” by IV in the choice to confirm the confidence in the government. But the Renzians are quick to deny: they will not bring down the executive (“The others want to hunt us”) but they may not participate in the vote on trust to show their dissent. Because, says Rosato, “the only solution is the prudent postponement” of a year “foreseen by the Annibali award”.

«We will never accept to become grillini. Least of all on justice », underlines Renzi, teasing the Dems. And he announces that he will return to the position in the Senate, where Iv is decisive, with his proposal for a law on prescription. The Renzians point out that Nicola Gratteri also defines the “Conte bis award” on prescription “a downward mediation”. And they do not lay down their weapons: “M5s and Democratic Party if they are smart they should change the scheme immediately, the amendment to the Milleproroghe will not work and if they admit it we will protest everywhere”, they announce.

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