Prescription, Count: ‘Italy alive deserted council of ministers? Unjustified absence. Rude opposition, clarify to Italians’


“Unjustified absence” if Italy alive does not participate in the Council of Ministers on prescription and reform of the criminal trial. Faced with yet another threat from the Renzians and the third vote by the Renzians with Fi-Fdi-Lega, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte he decided to quit the role of mediator and openly criticized the behavior of the Renzians. “Not sitting at the table when you have an institutional position,” he said, “would not be a fact to be overlooked, I would consider it an unjustified absence“. The hypothesis, circulated in the early morning as an indiscretion, was later confirmed by the same Matteo Renzi to the microphones of

The prime minister did not just condemn the threat of the Renzians. But he added: “I believe that Iv should give us a clarification, not to the undersigned but to the Italians “. And he defined “surreal, paradoxical“, The attitude of Italy alive. Attitude that, he stressed, “would be expected from an opposition party that makes an aggressive and even a little rude opposition”. When asked if Conte is looking for alternatives, he replied: “Do you think it is possible for a Prime Minister who sits in a majority to look for another? This is not me. ”

The premier in turn warned the Renzians: “Here blackmail is not accepted“, He said,” just as I think I won’t. One cannot think of voting “a measure” with the oppositions. For my part Italia viva is more than respected, if we made the list of approved measures, those signed by them would also be in advantage. The climate cannot be this, you need a constructive spirit and put aside the markups. I always sit at the table and listen to everyone. ”

Conte also stigmatized the threat of Italy alive to discourage the Minister of Justice: “Italy lives one day yes and the other also declares that it wants to produce an act of distrust towards Minister Bonafede, Iv is constantly voting with the opposition these days . Aside from the fact that some of these initiatives are illogical, I challenge Italians to understand how a travel companion can threaten the distrust of a minister who is not only the head of delegation of the main relative majority force, but he is also the minister we praised all for the reform of the civil trial. He is a minister who has entered into a prescription reform that not everyone likes and is already in force, but be careful: you can not share but that’s why you sit around a table and work together. Minister Bonafede has made himself available to overcome that rule, we have arrived at I praise Count, then to an even more advanced mediation “. And again: “There is no longer even the Bonafede rule, so you insult him for what? You distrust him for what? Why did he spend a few nights in a disco playing a DJ as a young man? I met him for having done a PhD at the University of Pisa. These are all things that from an opposition party that wants to make an aggressive and rude opposition can also be accepted, but I ask the Italians: can they be accepted from a majority party? I think Iv should give us a clarification, but not to me, to all Italians “.


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