Premier League: 1: 1 between Hapoel Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv, the synopsis of the game


Schechter scored an advantage after a fine personal performance against Borich (37), replacing Nes Zamir with equal time. Judge Hachmon was assisted by the VAR four times, all of whom rightly ruled against the champion

Maccabi Tel Aviv also did not shine tonight (Saturday) in the foreign game against Hapoel Haifa in Sammy Ofer as part of the 23rd round in the Premier League, finishing with a 1: 1 disappointing for her. This, after suffering a dramatic parity rate, three minutes into extra time. The Yellows dropped two valuable league points.

Itai Schechter scored the title goal in the 37th minute, after a great personal performance against Borich, but he and his friends missed and were eventually penalized as Nes Zamir, who replaced the wonderful equalizer in the 93rd minute.

Thus, perhaps without wishing to do so, Hapoel Haifa has done a huge service to the urban rival Maccabi Haifa, which can narrow the gap at the summit to just three points if on Monday Teddy wins the Betar Jerusalem.

Game referee Eli Hachmon assisted the VAR in four cases, and all of them ruled, rightly, against Maccabi Tel Aviv: in two cases where the yellows demanded a pendulum, in another case in which a gateway to Andre Geraldes, and in the end, when he approved Nes Zamir’s dramatic parity rate. In all cases, he did so after watching the gears again and for the help he requested and received from the screen judges.

Hapoel Haifa Players Celebrate at the Finish

Hapoel Haifa fans (Maor Aleksey)

On the other hand, Maccabi Tel Aviv fans in the stands (Maor Alexa)

the progress of the game

Minute 11: Geraldes burst to the right and raised to wide, the ball hit Balilthi’s hand, Hakmon assisted the umpires and ordered to continue playing. In no way.

Minute 15: Schechter delivered a blank that kicked out of the plaza but over the gate.

Minute 19: Schechter was given a deep ball from a deep swurbit in the yard, Borich leapt to his feet and prevented a goal.

Schechter and the rescue of Borich (Maur Alexis)

Minute 22: Altman delivered a deep ball, Amador was wrong, but Tannenbaum came out great in time and prevented her from scoring a goal.

Minute 30: Micha passed a ball in the direction of Jonathan Cohen’s seven stainless and inaccurate one.

Minute 35: Jonathan Cohen came in with a ball wide and kicked ten yards hard in the left foot, out.

Ibich and Silves on the Lines (Maor Alexa)

Minute 37, 0: 1 for Maccabi Tel Aviv: Jonathan Cohen sent a huge depth ball into Schechter’s past into the plaza, passed Borich and rolled inside. Chachmon checked with the screen judges if he was indistinguishable and confirmed the gate.

Minute 44: Jonathan Cohen kicked, the ball hit Dor Mallul’s hand inside the extension. Hakmon ordered a penalty shot from 11 yards, but decided to see through the VAR the replay and determined that there was no Pendel.

Hachmon cancels the pendulum after watching VAR (Maor Alexis)

Minute 51: A noble sent a ball of depth to Geraldes who passed over my lips and ramp. Hakmon confirmed the gate, but after watching the replay, determined that morality was different and disqualified the gate.

Minute 60: Tapoku continued a corner ball towards the gate, a noble managed to save from the line.

Minute 77: Free ball to Hapoel Haifa 20 meters from the gate, Ophir Mizrahi with a strong pen, the wall to the beam.

Sylvester vs. Amador (Maor Alexa)

Minute 80: Sobrit put a great ball into Jonathan Cohen in the outfield, the striker kicked but missed the frame slightly.

Minute 82: Altman kicked at Tenenbaum’s hair, high above the gate.

Minute 84: Opuado kicked five yards, Borich top great.

Nobles and Geraldes march towards Haifa Gate (Maor Alexis)

Minute 90: Pen teaser, Borich bounced and good input.

Minute 90 + 3, 1: 1: An error in the yellow defense, the ball came to Nes Zamir who scored. Chaimon a statue due to the hoisting flag of the Kovan differentiated, but after re-viewing, approved the gate.

The vehicles
Hapoel Haifa: Jasmine Borich, Dor Malul, Guy My Life, Nicola Golan, Eli Balilati, Kevin Tapoco, Francisco Junior (Liran Sardal, 58), Tomer Altman, Sa’ar Padida (Ophir Mizrahi, 58), Eden Ben Best (Ness Zamir, 74), Jacob Sylvester.

Maccabi Tel Aviv: Daniel Tenenbaum, Andre Geraldes, Eitan Tibi, Jair Amador, Enrique Saboritt, Eyal Golse, Dor Micha (Ruslan Barsky, 72), Avi Riken, Omar Nobili, Jonathan Cohen (Sharan Yini, 88), Itai Schechter ( Chico Opuado, 82).

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