Peretola, the Council of State rejects the appeals of Toscana Aeroporti. “Historical day”


Florence, 13 February 2020 – Il State Council dismisses the appeals of Tuscany Airports on the decree of Via dell ‘Peretola airport. The judgments of the fourth section reject both the main appeal and the incidental appeals against the decision of the Tar of Tuscany which had contested a lack of investigation and the unreasonableness of the positive opinion expressed by the ministries on the decree assessing the environmental impact.

In the statement of reasons, the state councilors certify that “the illegality of the contested measures entails the need to renew the procedure, including the assessment of the possible establishment of an environmental observatory and its composition”.

According to the Council of State, which espouses the conclusions of the Tar of Tuscany, “the main appeal proposed by Toscana Aeroporti and the incidental appeals proposed by the Municipality of Florence, the Tuscany Region, ENAC, the Ministry of ‘Environment and ministry of cultural heritage. “The joint reading of the assessments carried out by the Via Commission together with the content of the related ‘prescriptions’ denotes the manifest unreasonableness of the positive opinion expressed by it, and therefore of the contested decree that implements it”, the magistrates write in the judgment, observing that “the Tar’s consideration according to which the design choices relating to qualifying aspects of the project must therefore be verified at Via, and not already when checking compliance with the provisions, is therefore acceptable”.

For the Council of State “the comparison between the Commission’s assessments and the content of the prescriptions then concludes that it did not limit itself to dictating environmental conditions but, on the one hand, imposed the research and / or development of new solutions on the other hand, the project required the carrying out and / or the deepening of studies that should have been presented ex ante for the purpose of obtaining the Via and not simply verified ex post during the compliance “.


Falcons – ”It’s a extraordinary day, historic for Sesto and for the whole plain – says the mayor of Sesto Fiorentino, Lorenzo Falchi – This long-awaited sentence puts an end to a story that has lasted too long and that has seen politics fail in its duties. The judges acknowledged the validity of the reasons brought forward by six municipalities and the concerns of nearly 400 thousand citizens. Finally we abandon a project incompatible with our territory, in contradiction with the challenge to climate change, carried out in the interest of a few with lots of public money “.

“Now it is time to give the word back to the communities, to open a new page in the management of our territory, to normalize the relationships between entities that in recent years have become involved in an unprecedented conflict – adds Falchi – It is year zero for our territory, it is the crowning achievement of a commitment that we have made in the election campaign and that we have honored to the end, with seriousness, willingness to dialogue, long-term vision. Today we celebrate together with citizens and committees, but already tomorrow we will have to be able to start again, to return to the Parco della Piana its role as an ordering element and from there set up a sustainable and forward-looking development strategy “.

Rossi – “Let’s wait to read the cards and then we will give a detailed answer: in any case we will go on”. This is the reaction of president of the Tuscany Region.

Tuscany Airports – “Toscana Aeroporti will verify the conditions and actions to be taken together with the competent bodies, primarily ENAC, to carry out the project” to upgrade the Florence airport. This is what the company that manages the airport says in a note. “Toscana Aeroporti takes note of the sentence of the Council of State”, declares the company, explaining that it will verify the conditions for the strengthening of the airport “in full compliance with today’s ruling, but at the same time in the firm conviction of the need for Florence airport to equip itself a new runway and a new terminal to respond to the obvious infrastructural criticalities “. The work accomplished, Toscana Aeroporti recalls,” was carried out following the opinions and indications of the competent ministries and the competent Via commission, by virtue of the positive opinions obtained by the National Via Commission »as well as by the ministries of the Environment, Cultural Heritage and Infrastructures”.

Giannarelli (M5S) – “No expansion of the airport in Florence! This is extraordinary news for citizens and committees who have fought for years against an environmental massacre. When in 2018 I signed the appeal to the TAR I was convinced that in the end we would triumph. And so it was. The 5 Star MoVement has joined in this long and hard battle with many Tuscans to prevent the expansion of Florence airport as described in the current masterplan. A useless and senseless work. In the end we did it. Now we will see what the PD will invent in the election campaign to defend this useless work again. ” The motivation certifies that “the illegitimacy of the contested measures involves the need to renew the procedure, including the assessment relating to the possible establishment of an environmental observatory and its composition”.

Blasi – “The sentence of the Council of State puts an end to an event that lasted too long – the regional coordinator of Futura Toscana comments in a note Diego Blasi – For many years Prato and the plain have been fighting to block the expansion of Peretola airport, an invasive work that has a strong impact on the environment. We must invest in sustainable mobility and in the idea of ​​development compatible with what surrounds us. Now is the time to work on the creation of the Parco della Piana “.

Stella – “Today is a bad day for those who have always fought for the development of the ‘Amerigo Vespucci’ airport in Florence. In the motivation with which the Council of State rejects the appeal of Toscana Aeroporti, the need to renew the procedure is highlighted, including the assessment of the possible establishment of an environmental observatory and its composition. “Well, let’s start from here and at the same time express the hope that all the Peretola parties involved will appeal to the Court of Cassation”. This was stated by the Vice-President of the Regional Council of Tuscany, Marco Stella (Forza Italy).

Moscardi – “Peretola airport is not busy! So decided the Council of State. It is a victory for citizens, committees, all those political forces, starting from the Italian Left that have always fought against the villainous choice to build an airport runway in a park. Now the next President of the Region must not reopen that game “. He says it Ivan Moscardi, metropolitan secretary Florence Italian Left.

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