Pep Guardiola may leave Manchester City


England claim: Pep Guardiola may leave Manchester City due to heavy penalty
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The football world is roaring tonight (Friday), in the wake of UEFA’s decision to suspend Manchester City for two years from the Champions League and fining it for 30 million euros, due to Pierre Flay’s offenses. The English champion has already announced plans to appeal, but the kingdom has begun the day after The penalty – a day that may look quite different for the blue.

According to reports by a number of senior journalists in England, Pep Guardiola may be left out if the sentence is upheld. “The meanings are enormous,” BBC official Ian Dennis analyzed the situation. “The difference between the knockout phase of the Champions League and the European league is about £ 70m, so think how much it doesn’t take part in European factories at all.”

What does this mean for Guardiola? time will tell. Gambling agencies have already placed Mauricio Pochettino as the leading candidate to network the Catalan, if and when. Next in order are the names of Brendan Rogers, Julian Nagelsman, of Similiano Allegri and Giovanni Van Bronckhorst. “The Guardiola issue is key,” stated BBC commentator Simon Stone. “He said several times he would not leave in the summer, but there was talk around him. He is obsessed with winning the Champions League and must wonder if he will be ready to stay in Citi in such a situation.”

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“A few months ago, Pep said he would take the club as far as he could,” past player Michael Brown said. “Personally I thought he might be leaving in the summer, but then he said he was waiting for next season. I think he knew there was some problem. Will recruiting players be more difficult for him? It’s a big test for Pep. He has a good roster and if there is any coach who can develop Players, it’s Guardiola. No doubt there will still be players who will want to come, despite the suspension. Pep is a huge name, and even if he leaves, good players can still be attracted. ”

Ben Ransom Maskey added that Guardiola “would not be human” if he did not consider leaving. “It is too early to say what he is thinking at the moment. Of course, in the short term he is very angry that he will not be able to bring City to the Champions League in the next two years, if he stays so long.”

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