Nissan claims Ghosn for 84 million in damages


TOTAL WAR – La Nissan has filed another cause against its former president asking for compensation of 10 billion yen (about 84 million euros) for the damages that Carlos Ghosn (above in a stock photo) would have with its fraud and bad financial conduct. This was learned from an official statement saying that Nissan filed the civil case on Wednesday 12 February at the court of Yokohama, the city where its headquarters are located. The press release states that “The damages requested are connected to Ghosn’s violation of the fiduciary duty as director of the company and to his misappropriation of the company’s resources and assets”.

SAFE IN LEBANON In the meantime, Carlos Ghosn, who was known to have fled Japan where he was under house arrest, is always in Lebanon from where he will hardly be extradited. Also for the record, Ghosn was due to be tried in Japan this spring. As for the ongoing case, Nissan sues Ghosn for the use of corporate property abroad without ever having paid the rent, the improper use of the company’s jet, a series of unjustified payments to his sister and the payments of his lawyer personal in Lebanon. Add to this the expenses incurred by Nissan during investigations both in Japan and in the United States and in those territories where the house has financial interests.

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