New Golf GTD will have one of the cleanest engines in the world


The German automotive giant continues to share with the performance versions of the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf it introduced at the end of last year. Today too new Golf GTDClue image was shared and the tool Geneva Motor ShowWas announced to be introduced in.

According to Volkswagen, the new Golf GTD diesel the unit is the one owned by a Golf so far. the most powerful and cleanest TDI engine it will be. Volkswagen, who does not settle for this, also said that the engine in question was also “one of the cleanest internal combustion engines in the world“He claims. The company says,Twin dozing”Thanks to the new technology he named, he was able to realize.

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There are two different catalysts in the system that Volkswagen calls Twin dozing. Dense diesel engines NOx release AdBlue solution is also injected into these two catalysts instead of a single catalyst. Volkswagen, this system Reducing NOx emissions by 80 percent It claims to make diesel engines much cleaner. The company had shared a video about it in the past weeks. You can find that video at the bottom of the news.

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There is no official statement regarding the technical data of the new Volkswagen Golf GTD yet. However, a visual allegedly showing the power output of performance Golf models has leaked in recent weeks. If we accept the visual in question correctly, the new Golf GTD 200 horsepower we can expect it to produce. This is compared to its predecessor. A power increase of around 16 horsepower means.

The new Volkswagen Golf GTD will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We will continue to convey the developments on the subject to our valuable readers.


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