Milan, Milanese report for the “latin lover” Hernandez: the new flame is Corona’s ex?


Theo Hernandez would have a relationship with Fabrizio Corona’s ex, the two would have been paparazzi in that of Milan.

Theo Hernandez of the Milan he is among the best players in the Rossoneri team by performance. The footballer does not miss flirting and gossip rumors that involve him in that of Milan. The former real Madrid he was recently joined to Big Brother’s competitor Elisa De Panicis. The model had confirmed the flirting live and the Milan player had been furious. The two seem to have stopped dating. However, Oggi magazine pinched Hernandez with another model.

It’s about Zoe Cristofoli, ex girlfriend of Fabrizio Corona. The two were paparazzi in a well-known restaurant in the center of Milan. Theo Hernandez is at the center of the rumors not only of the transfer market. The new conquest of the footballer is making the Milanese circles whisper. Hernandez, in the past, has been at the center of many controversies especially in Spain, for its smoky character. The young footballer, meanwhile, on the field did not do very well. Since he was also sent off for a double yellow card against Juventus last night.

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