Milan angry. Bull? Pay a questionable summer market “


MILAN, ITALY – JANUARY 28: Sasa Lukic of Torino is challenged by Rade Krunic of AC Milan during the Coppa Italia Quarter Final match between AC Milan and Torino at San Siro on January 28, 2020 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani / Getty Images)

Milan-Turin is approaching, third act of this season, second act of this beginning 2020. Toro News has collected the considerations about the match on Monday at 20.45 by Stefano Chess, journalist from The Republic and of Tuttosport which closely follows the events of the Rossoneri house.

Good morning Stefano, how is Milan doing after the defeat in the derby and the draw in the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final against Juventus?

“Milan are angry, but, in my opinion, they must learn to be less frenetic. Against Turin he will have to be more lucid than angry. In the last two matches with Inter and Juventus, the Rossoneri group, very young it should be remembered, has shown to be frantic and has not had the necessary calm to manage the double advantage in the derby and the one deserved in the first leg of the Italian Cup. In some moments of the matches, certain players are too nervous and this affects the team’s performance “.

How much has the change of technical guide affected Milan?

“Giampaolo had shown that he had not been able to overcome Milan’s problems. The former Sampdoria coach has, however, an alibi: he had very little time available to put his game into practice. Pioli, on the other hand, is a much more pragmatic coach and gives you the impression of being able to solve problems in less time. The change of coach, therefore, allowed Milan to churn out better performances, but the results have not always been positive “.

How is the arrival of Ibrahimovic decisive?

“Ibrahimovic literally made the group turn around. It gave everyone more courage. His arrival resulted in an important change of form that allows many more elements of the squad to perform at their best. Furthermore, Ibrahimovic has allowed the company to act in a certain way on the market, giving for example via Piatek and Suso “.

Finco, Mazzarri’s assistant: “He wanted to resign after Genoa, but Cairo …”

And what was your idea about the extremely complicated season of Torino?

“In my opinion, the season of Torino was already marked by last summer”.


“Torino started with the handicap of the Europa League preliminaries. Among other things, the grenades had to wait for the development of the Milan issue before being able to plan their season. Then, once he had the certainty of participating in the preliminaries, the property did nothing to reinforce the team. The only thing he did was confirm the players from last year. When facing the preliminaries, however, it is known that a listed team will meet in the last round, so with an absent market it was impossible to eliminate Wolverhampton. And contradiction in contradiction, the only purchase was made when the elimination from the Europa League had already taken place. “

Athletic trainer Ferretti: “Torino are tired, but Longo knows what to do”

So, in your opinion, were the mistakes more corporate than Walter Mazzarri’s?

“Yes, absolutely. The Turin season started with this bad management of the market “.

And what can Moreno Longo do?

“It must recreate the enthusiasm from the Taurus world. He must try to trigger the passion again ”.

Finally, tactically that Monday Night expects to “Giuseppe Meazza”?

“Milan are built to impose their game. He is not capable of containing and restarting, he confirmed it even in last week’s derby. AC Milan do not have many meetings and struggle to manage the matches. He is not used to playing waiting games and I don’t think he will change his attitude against Turin. ”

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