Mansur Yavas also had trouble: I too got lost


People living in Ankara know, some “crazy intersections” that were made when Melih Gökçek became mayor became a warning for newcomers to the city. It draws a U-turn at such a sharp angle that if you are entering for the first time, it is impossible not to be swung. Of course, it is also subject to accidents. Those who enter the underpasses, one on the Malazgirt Boulevard and the other on the Ostim-Batıkent junction, understand what we mean.

Bilkent bridge intersection, which was made before the local elections, does not find the others. It resembles a complete maze. You can find yourself at another point if you do not slow down and read carefully all the signs, right and left.

This intersection was also a problem for Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas. Yavaş, while listening to the complaints about the newly opened Bilkent junction in his conversation with journalists, said, “Don’t ask, I got lost at that junction too.”
Yavaş explained that actress Fatma Girik returned from the wrong place while trying to go to the City Hospital while she was receiving treatment in Ankara and took two rounds to reach the hospital. Yavaş said, “In the JoVE intersection, it is necessary to work with the map. However, it can be planned so badly and complicated. ”

The problem at this intersection, which connects the city center with the Bilkent University Campus, Bilkent Campus and the city hospital, is trying to solve the warning signs for now.


class = ‘cf’>Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop has launched two applications since he took on the post. He does not turn the deputies who come to him, even without an appointment, through the door. He also gives dinner to lawmakers in groups. Even though the allegations that he will leave the position of the President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly to Binali Yıldırım from time to time and assume the duty of Vice President, Şentop tells his guests about the Assembly projects full time.

Mansur Yavas was also in trouble: I too got lost

Among the main projects that Sentop explained to the visitors or the deputies he met at dinner, the need for a 100th anniversary celebration of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, a restaurant to be opened and a new organizational law. Apparently, the Speaker of the Assembly wants to be remembered with the steps he took during this period, regardless of his term of office, with the decisions he took.

However, no matter how much he tries to keep the non-political and technical issues on the agenda, those who come to his visit turn around and bring them to what is happening in the AK Party and to early elections. Especially the early election is the most frequently asked question to the Speaker of the Parliament, Şentop.
According to what we have learned, Şentop replied to the persistent early election questions, “I am saying based on my political experience, I do not see an atmosphere that requires early elections in the political environment”.


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Turkey, EFTA renews its free trade agreement with countries in the period since 1991. “What was EFTA?” If you want to remember, you will get the answer “An agreement with Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland that includes 566 million Euros of trade”. There was a crisis in the renewal of this free trade agreement.

Mansur Yavas was also in trouble: I too got lost

According to Bülent Sarıoğlu, the opposition objected to giving the President direct authority to amend the contracts, tariffs and quotas submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Opposition parties argue that “Legislative power has been transferred to execute in violation of the Constitution, and the parliamentary balance-duty of TBMM has been eliminated”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the other hand, claims that the President will be competent within the framework of the tariffs and quotas in the agreement and cannot change the content of the agreement.


Among these discussions, the topics of this agreement, which was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly Commission, are interesting. Let’s take a look at the products that are subject to shopping: “Akamber, beaver dream (kastoreum), cat whiskey (buckwheat), rabies beetle (cantarite), gall, domestic pig or boar hair, badger hair, feather and beaks of birds, ivory, turtle shell, whale female and whale females’ hairs, horns, antlers, hooves, nails, claws, coral and similar materials, cuttlefish, horsehair, natural sponges of animal origin, bamboo, castor, reeds, basket willow … ” it’s hard to understand that it works. But these products are used in pharmacy and perfume production. The agreement passed through the commission with two opposition comments. Let’s see how there will be a discussion about the dream of beaver and rabies beetle at the General Assembly …

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