Make Mendelblit: Ohana Announces Test Committee for DIP


After the death of Ethiopian young man Salomon Taka, the Supreme Court refused to allow Ohana to form a government committee on the DIP because of the “transitional government” – “The outside world is not freezing just because there is another election”

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Justice Minister Amir Ohana has announced that he intends to bring the government’s approval to a resolution to set up a government review committee headed by a judge on the DIP.

When the committee examines, inter alia, the systemic handling of police offenses by the State Police Investigations Department, the work procedures, the manner of conducting the investigation into cases in which it was decided to conduct an investigation, the existence of control mechanisms and supervision of the DIP’s activities, allegations of its conduct, The organizational structure and its subordination and will establish findings and conclusions.

The committee will be chaired by Judge (Retired) Hern Feinstein, and members of the committee will be Prof. Abraham Diskin and Prof. Rinat Kitai-Sanjaro. The report of the committee shall be submitted to the Minister of Justice within four months. The Minister may extend this date at the request of the committee.

It should be noted that Attorney General Avihai Madanblblitt recently objected to the establishment of the committee because it is a “transitional government”, but the fact that the State of Israel marks a third election campaign within a year, according to the Minister of Justice, it can no longer wait even if it is before elections .

A statement from Ohana read that “Establishing the Commission is an important step in strengthening public confidence in the judicial system, a sort of mission that I have talked about a lot since I took office.

Shortly after the event of the late Salomon Tekke’s death, a problem that I knew most closely with my lawyer as a lawyer: was a problem I had known for a long time and a cross-sector of public distrust in the PC. The real and authentic feelings of pain that many Ethiopian immigrants felt also came to my ears, both at the meeting of the Prime Minister’s Committee on Combating Racism led by the Prime Minister, at meetings held in my bureau, as well as in various media.

Many of the allegations were then turned against the Department of Police Investigations, which too many cases that go there do not – properly claimed – receive adequate and proper treatment. I explored the various options, and announced in July 2019 my intention to form the committee.

But then the senior legal officials argued that during the election period there is a problem in establishing such an examination committee, which is a rare event in the history of the state, in addition, I thought it would not be right that the establishment of the committee be misinterpreted as an attempt to influence the decisions on the late Salomon Taka. Government Approval Committee ”.

The Minister of Justice further notes that “In many conversations I have had with Ethiopian immigrants, heads of organizations and others, I have announced that the intention of setting up the probe committee is still valid and existing. The same is true of conversations I have with MK Gadi Jibrakan, before and after returning to the Likud movement. Unfortunately, when the elections did not result in the establishment of a government, and after the investigation into the Salmon Taka case ended, the hearing ended and a decision was made – I now decided to form the committee – and to bring the government’s approval at its forthcoming meeting.

The outside world is not freezing just because there is another election, and the public is entitled to it.

In order not to bind the hands of the next government – whatever it may be – I state that the findings and conclusions of the committee will only be submitted to the government in 4 months, and only to the extent that the government asks the committee to make recommendations – the committee will also submit its recommendations.

At the next meeting of the government, I will approve the establishment of the commission of inquiry, chaired by retired judge Hern Feinstein, and will include members of Prof. Rinat Kitai-Sanjero and Prof. Abi Diskin. The public is entitled to good, efficient, fair and transparent enforcement bodies – also willing to face criticism.

I would like to emphasize that this step does not establish that all the claims made are foreseen – but it will not be possible to identify and address the required issues without a thorough examination.

The problem of trust in the DIP needs a thorough examination that only an external, independent and independent government review committee can bring about healing among many populations in Israeli society and will lead to strengthening public confidence in the system. ”

Recall, Minister Ohana publicly announced his intention to set up a DIP probe committee in July 2019, about a month after taking office, in light of the tragic case in which the late Salomon Taka was killed, who re-inflated the issue of distrust in the department from the direction of various groups. This can be found in the 2017 Comptroller’s Report, which stated that the treatment of police offenses suffers from a fundamental problem – most complaints and information received are not examined on all relevant levels and with emphasis on the command plane. ”

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