Lester v. Wolves 0: 0, game synopsis


The Wolves hosted the Foxes for a game that promised a lot, but little existed and allowed Chelsea to narrow the gap from third place. Boli’s gate was disqualified on the verge of dropping half, Chowdhury was banned

The 26th round in the Premier League, which, as it was recalled, was split into several weeks, continued tonight (Friday) with a top-tier fight that promised a lot when Wolves hosted Leicester. Both teams did not show peak ability and the game ended without goals. The Wolves came out very disappointed with the home run, with a critical gate for them being disqualified on the VAR system as well.On the other hand, Leicester came into contention after hearing news of Manchester City’s exclusion from the Champions League for the next two years. Brendan Rodgers brought up the same vehicle he opened against Chelsea in the previous round, with Jamie Wardy marking his 200th game in the senior English league.

For the first time since 2006, a league game on Friday will end without goals. That negative feat could have been avoided in the 45th minute, so Wolves players and local fans celebrated Willy Boli’s batting goal, but the umpires found little difference before, when the ball reached Pedro Net.

A crucial moment in the game. The judges disqualified Boli’s cover (OLI SCARFF / AFP via Getty Images)

76 minutes into the game, Hamzi Chowdhury Malster was sent off for a second yellow card and allowed the host to click even more on the pedal and nonstop threatened Casper Schmichel’s goal, which saved the foxes several times and helped her get the precious spot.

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