Leaders’ pilot announced: He would watch the landing and take-off in the cockpit … – News


Mehmet Bodur said, “As state elders, I had the pleasure to serve Mr. Süleyman Demirel, Turgut Özal, Doğan Güreş, İsmail Hakkı Karadayı, one of our prime ministers, Tansu Çiller for many years. In addition, it was our duty to fly our force commanders and ministers. We took them safely from one point to another. 8. President of the Republic of Turkey Turgut Ozal, electronics was very inquisitive, visit the cockpit from time to time in the air, he would wonder what we are in the phase of flight. He would watch the take-off and landing of the plane. Cockpit visits would make him and us happy. Because seeing himself in the cockpit would be a pleasure. On long flights, we would be like our brother-sister, father-son with our leaders. ”

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