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Juventus transfer market, total disappointment: Agnelli ready to clean up

JUVE MARKET NEWS – Too bad to be true this Juventus. Not only in terms of results, which however start to be worrying. Too many blackouts, too bad the game expressed by the team (when everyone expected the famous “Sarrismo”) and too little personality. Once Juve was a stonecutter, bad and very determined. Now it crumbles at the first difficulty and can’t even react. If it weren’t for a CR7 literally unleashed, things would probably have gotten even worse right now. Even against the Rossoneri Cristiano Ronaldo has removed the chestnuts from the fire. And as against Fiorentina, a penalty saved the result but – let’s face it – if Pioli’s team had won, they wouldn’t have stolen anything. Even in 11 against 10, Juventus failed to worry the opponents. No, that’s not really the case. This is not and cannot be Juventus. It doesn’t have to be. The club knows it, the Juventus fans know it and above all the President Agnelli knows it. All under scrutiny, therefore, all guilty: from the coach to the management (Paratici and Nedved), up to the players. Everyone is responsible and everyone could pay. And – if things don’t change quickly – the black and white number one could take heavy measures. Indeed, Agnelli could decide to clean up for next year and drastically change course with a total turnaround that would involve technicians, managers and players. Mister Sarri is the first who could jump (there are already many rumors about his possible successors), then watch out for Pavel Nedeved and especially Fabio Paratici: they are the ones who built this Juve. Finally, as mentioned, some players who risk big are also in their sights. A total revolution could therefore arrive in the summer, with Agnelli thinking of re-establishing the Juventus team. There are as many as 8 Juventus players who, for one reason or another, would already be at risk of giving up in view of the next Juventus transfer window: here, therefore, name by name, the complete list >>> GO TO THE LIST

Juventus transfer market, Agnelli says enough: possible total reversal.
Juventus transfer market, Agnelli says enough: possible total reversal.

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