Juve divided, Bonucci confirms it and Raiola also teases Sarri


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Juve divides. Regardless of the refereeing controversies, the one seen at San Siro against Milan has been yet another faded test of the last few weeks which in addition to colorless performances have also offered fluctuating results. The defeats against Naples and Verona, the equal match with Milan’s hair, they are not results that can satisfy and they all came with a Juve that gives the feeling of being in a waning phase and not growing. An impression confirmed by Bonucci’s hot words at the end of the game. “We can not be satisfied, give something too much. We have to change gears, stay compact, even if we are in the running for everything we have to put something more”. Then again: “We must improve the management of the ball, move it quickly, don’t fall in love with the ball. In the last 30 meters there are those who make the difference, we must put them in the right conditions “.DIVIDED – Words that do not rhyme with that of Maurizio Sarri who, always on the microphones of the Rai he commented at the end of the game: “We are at a time when growth is blocked, I saw dribbles and we can start from there. We must avoid avoidable goals. In a football that is no longer that of a few years ago, it seems to be suffering a lot but we took 2 more goals than the best defense. From dribbling we can start again to be more dangerous“The coach wants to start from the dribble, Bonucci sees a team too” in love with the ball “. The defender, between the two, was the one who saw the glass half empty, Sarri instead seemed more optimistic about the future and performance of the If he had teased the team in recent releases, it was he who defended it in the belly of San Siro.

RAIOLA – The third round was played in a mixed zone and even there Sarri will have felt the need to dodge the blows of Mino Raiola, agent of Matthijs de Ligt and Blaise Matuidi, not two by chance, when it comes to Juve. “We have to define what Sarri’s game is, I think we haven’t seen it yet. Why? I don’t know, you have to ask Sarri, Sarri’s game, not Raiola’s.” While Buffon tried to throw water on the fire: “We with Sarri? No, we are totally against the coach – Gigi’s joke -. What do you want me to tell you? The truth is only one: the coach is trying to teach us something really beautiful and extraordinary that could raise our qualities to the nth degree “. Try to unite and not to divide, Gigi. The best thing to do right now. But the impression is that this Juve is not yet all together on the field and you don’t speak with a single voice out. And it’s not a detail.


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