Jet speed intervention is coming! Those sites will be banned


The government is taking an important step in the fight against those who accumulate deposits over the internet, engage in banking, and victimize citizens using their bank names. With the amendment made in the Banking Law, it will be prevented from getting victims of citizens by introducing a ban on fast access to these websites. Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) President Mehmet Ali Akben stated that they warned the citizens and said, “Unfortunately there are abuses. As soon as we make the determination, we intend to inform the Information Technologies and Communication Authority and ensure that access is prevented.”


With the proposal of the Banking Law adopted in the Parliamentary Plan Budget Committee, the process of intervention in counterfeit banking is accelerating over the Internet. Access to websites where those who collect unauthorized deposits, carry out banking activities and use bank names will be blocked by the decision of the judge after the criminal complaint filed by the BRSA. If the content and location provider is abroad, access to these websites will be imposed by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority upon the application of the institution.


BRSA President Akben talked about the process of intervention in the counterfeit bank established under the name of Istanbul Eurobank. Akben said, “The situation regarding this bank has been determined on Saturday, the notice has come. The application to the prosecutor’s office finds a monday. The police have gone and printed it. There is no such place at the address specified by the man. As if the man who used a logo called Euro Bank was in Europe. But so There is no bank, “he said.

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