“It’s every boy’s erotic dream”


Does sex with a 16 year old student and try to justify what it really is the erotic dream of all the boys. The teacher Courtney Roznowki, 31, was arrested in Brown County, Wisconsinafter her relationship with a 16-year-old student from Green Bay Southwest High School came to the surface.Read also> Professor abuses a 17-year-old student: “She looked a lot like my husband”

The school had reported an unusual relationship between the woman and the pupil to the police who initiated an investigation. They asked the woman who initially denied information, saying the sex with the teacher it is one of the erotic dreams of the students, then when they asked her to deliver the phone she burst into tears. According to what Metro reported, the professor confessed that she had sex with the boy, adding that she fell in love with him.

The 16 year old has, in turn, admitted relations with the woman, also saying that he loved her and that the relationship was consensual. However, the age of consent in Wisconsin is 17 years, so the teacher is accused of sexual violence against a minor.

Last updated: Friday 14 February 2020, 18:07


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