Iran is enriched by burning American flags


Not far from Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, hard work is being done to pack tens of thousands of flags of enemies of the Iranian people who will then be burnt in the continuous demonstrations in the square fomented by the Ayatollahs – who together with the managers of this singular factory profit from this questionable activity.

Outraging the flag in enemies seems to be a pastime adored by the Iranians, who seems to be looking forward to gathering in protest demonstrations to burn and trample on the star-striped banner of the United States, the famous Stars and Stripes, the white and celestial flag ofIsrael which brings the star of David to the center, and even the Union Jack of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Another western power that has earned the friendship of aytollah and pasdaran. Nobody could imagine, however, what the turnover was hiding behind this questionable “national costume” that gave birth to a real business, until the correspondents of the information agency Reuters they did not personally visit the “Diba Parcham” factory: an industrial structure specializing in the production of flags of countries hidden from the theocratic Tehran government; especially the two “Satan“, as Aytatollah Khomeini defines America and Israel in his proclamations.

The factory in question is located in Khomeyn, a city 320 km south of Tehran, and every month two thousand American, Israeli, and British flags come out of its looms which are destined to be exhibited, mocked, trampled and finally drenched in petrol to be set on fire by the angry crowd. The owner of the factory, Ghasem Ghanjani, had no qualms about declaring the truth before foreign reporters. “We have no problem with the American or Israeli people,” he said, promptly adding that they are their rulers. problem “and the motivation for the Iranians to burn their flags as a symbol of protest and sentiment of hatred for them and for the sanctions that have brought the country to its knees. “We have a problem with their presidents, with their wrong policy”, continues the owner of the “firm”, specifying that “if people burn the flags of these countries in different demonstrations it is only in protest”. A lasting and dying protest, if it is calculated that almost one and a half million square meters of flags are produced every year: all destined for the flames. “Compared to the cowardly actions of the United States such as the assassination of the general Qassem Soleimani, burning an American flag is only the least that can be done, “said one of the other managers of the factory, proving to be more” incendiary “and politicized than Mr. Ghanjani, who in spite of the anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism with which the Iranian population it has been indoctrinated since 1979, at the end of the day it admits a surprising and distinct truth capitalist: “It’s just business.” And if so many ask for stars and stripes to burn, someone else will have to get them.

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