Inter-Napoli 0-0: Zielinski tries from distance, ball out


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45 ‘ – 2 minutes of recovery

44 ‘ – Lautaro moves Maksimovic, foul on the Neapolitan footballer

43 ‘ – Opening on the left for Mario Rui. Cross shot back by Moses, who then puts the body in front and also suffers the Portuguese foul.

41 ‘ – Another fanned for Moses, another ball too deep. Another possession for Napoli.

40 ‘ – On the previous action hit on the shoulder for Callejon, the Spaniard gets up

39 ‘ – Giropalla infinite of Napoli, Zielinski tries the filter inside for Callejon, Padelli blocks

38 ‘ – Brozovic bowl in the trocar area: a phone call to Ospina.

37 ‘ – Inter are struggling to develop. Mertens remains low on Brozovic, without going to press the defenders, effectively slowing down the Nerazzurri giropalla.

35 ‘ – Bastoni changes game to look for Moses, but gives too much strength to his slashing: ball directly on the bottom.

34 ‘ – ZIELINSKI! Fabian serves the Pole who from 30 meters kicks, shot away from Padelli’s mirror

33 ‘ – Launch for Lautaro Martinez. Manolas still hangs over him and the Argentine commits a foul.

32 ‘ – Mario Rui goes to the corner, but crosses too deep: ball on the bottom from the other side.

31 ‘ – Manolas fanned for Elmas on the left. The Macedonian points to the man, enters the area and places in the center. Biraghi deflects for a corner

30 ‘ – De Vrji tries a long shot to look for Lautaro, but the Argentine is offside

28 ‘ – On the following punishment tries Biraghi, ball to the side

27 ‘ – Lautaro tries to leave Demme on the edge of the area with a steering. The former Leipzig knocks him out and gives the Nerazzurri a chance on punishment.

26 ‘ – Callejon exchanges with Fabian, then goes to the low cross. He can’t control anyone in the area, Inter saves himself.

24 ‘ – Fabian receives on the right and immediately goes to the cross for Elmas. Padelli and Moses are ahead, but mess and give the corner to Napoli.

22 ‘ – Mario Rui tries to find Elmas. Scala de Vrij to close on the left. Bravo then the Dutchman to disengage well.

20 ‘ – Napoli tries to build from below, but it is difficult because Inter’s high pressing is working well tonight.

18 ‘ – Mario Rui recovers the ball and immediately tries to verticalize for Mertens, anticipated however by Skriniar.

17 ‘ – LAUTARO MARTINEZ! Opening for Biraghi, who checks well and bowl for the number 10: header by Lautaro, who sends high over the crossbar, not much.

16 ‘ – Demme misses the hallway, Lautaro flies towards the edge of the area, but the shot is easy prey for Ospina

14 ‘ – Elmas goes away to Skriniar in midfield, but Barella immediately arrives and I put him down with an irregular shoulder from Calvarese.

12 ‘ – Sticks tries verticalization towards Lukaku, Ospina stands guard and the ball goes out to the side

11 ‘ – MERTENS! The first ring of the game is from Napoli. Fabian opens onto Callejon, who sees Mertens in the area and serves him. The Belgian’s first shot, the ball just high above the crossbar.

10 ‘ – Giropalla Napoli now. The teams are still studying and the pace is not high.

9 ‘ – Skriniar crosses, Fabian clears the ball

8 ‘ – Mertens combines with Di Lorenzo, then goes to the cross from the right wing. The rear covers the area well.

7 ‘ – Launch of Brozovic to look for Lukaku, anticipated well by Manolas. Di Lorenzo completes the hallway by lightening on Ospina.

6 ‘ – Moses unloads on Brozovic after a carelessness by Maksimovic. The Croatian kicks first, but Ospina blocks without problems.

4 ‘ – Elmas gets up now. He’s fine and stays on the pitch. Can restart the match

3 ‘ – Elmas immediately on the ground because of a clash with Skriniar, the Slovak warned

2′ – Central pocket for Lukaku, who tries to act as a side for Lautaro behind the door, but Napoli’s defense closes well.

20:47 – GET STARTED! Inter-Napoli has started

20:40 – Teams on the field. About 50 thousand spectators were present at the San Paolo.

20.30 – Lorenzo Insigne, captain of Napoli, will not be holder tonight in the match of the Italian Cup with Inter, but in the pre-game he spoke to Rai Sport: “It’s important because after this season it can be a great goal to win the cup. But now we have to think about tonight, not already at the final. There is this game and we have to face it in the best possible way, only in this way will we be able to reach the final.”

20.20 – Giuseppe Marotta, CEO of Inter Milan, a few minutes after the Italian Cup match against Napoli spoke on Rai Sport’s microphone: “The Coppa Italia is certainly a goal, Inter want to give their best in all competitions and this means reaching the final. Inter arrives at this match with the awareness of having made an important journey, growing on Sunday in Sunday and trying to create a winning model, that is, giving your best. And this is also doing it well for the coach. First of all, you need to be aware of staying humble, working hard, looking ahead to the goal, trying to achieve it by applying more and more. The winning weapon will be the attention to detail, which will make the difference “.

Inter are the team that brings the most fans to the stadium. “This is important for the Italian football movement. This discipline involves many people with a lot of passion, and this is a positive fact. The Nerazzurri fans also expect some important milestones, as could be the Italian Cup which is now within our reach. We must believe it all, we all want to get through the round. But we must have great respect for Napoli. “

Do you fear a small drop after the derby? “By now the technical staff are very efficient and can find the right measures, even in training, by measuring their strength. The big clubs are subject to more games during the week. This gives us peace of mind, also because there are not only 11 players, but there is a whole squad. Conte made some changes tonight for this too “.

Now the locker room looks very compact. “In fact, among the important components to create a winning model there is the compactness of the group, through the stability of the club and the coach. I don’t want to talk about the last year, but we have tried to make corrections, without losing the Respect. Today Conte has done a great deal of discipline, inculcating a sense of belonging. When there is this, the performance is greater “.

What would you prefer between the Europa League, the championship and the Italian Cup? “I do not know. Inter, like all major clubs, must participate to win. We miss the icing that is the Champions League. Three particular competitions remain, but there is great satisfaction to have created a model that approaches the objectives of a noble club like Inter. The managers’ contentment is to see a group that grows and that goes beyond all expectations. “

20.15 – The defender of Inter, Alessandro Bastoni, a few minutes from the first leg of the Italian Cup against Napoli, spoke to Inter TV microphones: “We really want to go back to raising a trophy after several years. Our goal is to get ahead in this competition. The derby? It is very difficult to stay off the pitch: the first half was hard, then I have to admit that in the second half there was a pleasure in the stands. It is not easy to stay off the pitch, today I am happy to be available again. Napoli? It’s a great team, with great forwards. We will do everything to stop the Neapolitans “.

20.00 – Lorenzo Insigne will sit on the bench against Inter. Surprisingly, the Italian captain does not start from the first minute for the first leg of the Italian Cup semifinals but is available to Gattuso, who will eventually be able to field him in the second half. Initially it was thought of an exclusion for physical reasons but his presence on the bench could be a clue to the fact that Gattuso has opted for a purely technical choice. Elmas is in his place but Zielinski could also play outside. We’ll see.

19.40 – OFFICIAL TRAINING – The lineup chosen by Gattuso for the match tonight against Inter has been official for a few moments. Confirmed Ospina between the posts, Mertens returns instead of Milik in attack, Fabian returns to midfield with Demme in the center. Surprisingly out Insigne (goes on the bench) with Elmas in his place. To understand if with Zielinski high, with the Macedonian or in a 4-2-3-1. In Inter, Conte confirms the attacking couple and in midfield chooses Sensi, with Eriksen initially on the bench. Here are the official formations:

Inter Milan (3-5-2): Padelli; Skriniar, De Vrij, Bastoni; Moses, Barella, Brozovic, Sensi, Biragi; Lukaku, Lautaro. Available: Handanovic, Stankovic, Berni, Godin, Sanchez, Vecino, Ranocchia, Young, Borja Valero, Eriksen, D’Ambrosio, Candreva. All .: Conte.

Naples (4-3-3): Ospina, Di Lorenzo, Maksimovic, Manolas, Mario Rui; Fabian, Demme, Zielinski; Callejon, Mertens, Elmas. Available: Meret, Karnezis, Koulibaly, Luperto, Allan, Lobotka, Insigne, Llorente, Lozano, Milik, Politano. All .: Gattuso.

19:15 – According to the latest rumors released by Tv Luna, Lorenzo Insigne will not be in the game.

19.00 – A few minutes and the training will be official: according to Sky both Allan and Fabian will return to the median.

Without the disqualified Hysaj, Gattuso should confirm the defensive line with the return of Manolas paired with Maksimovicm considering the new physical problems for Koulibaly. In midfield the biggest doubts: Fabian returns, probably for Zielinski, with Demme and Elmas (favorite over Allan not yet at best). In attack Callejon and Mertens return in the trident with Insigne.

Without Handanovic, confirmation for Padelli between the posts. Conte could keep Lukaku at rest, deploying Sanchez with Lautaro while in midfield there could be Eriksen from the first minute, in the trio with Barella and Brozovic and Moses and Biraghi on the sides. In defense returns Bastoni with De Vrij and Skriniar.

Complicated rival for Gattuso’s team. In fact, Inter are unbeaten in 10 games in all competitions (6 wins and 4 draws) and in the league they have lost only one game, at home against Juventus. The only precedent in round-trip matches in the Italian Cup recalls sweet memories for the Neapolitans: semifinals in 1997, when the Azzurri passed the turn on penalties after a double draw. For the rest, Inter in the Italian Cup is unbeaten at home against Napoli with two wins and a draw. The Nerazzurri have not reached the final since 2010/11, the year following the triplet. Napoli have been eliminated on the last two occasions in which they participated in the semi-finals of the Italian Cup (2015 against Lazio and 2017 against Juventus) and have won only two games in an away semifinal match (1987 against Cagliari and 1989 against Pisa).

Friends of Tuttonapoli, good evening and welcome to the direct text of Inter-Napoli, valid for the first leg of the Italian Cup first leg! After the terrible internal knockout with Lecce, Napoli have the opportunity to leave immediately. Opposite, for the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-finals, there is Conte’s Inter, launched after the comeback in the derby and which also wants to make its way into the Italian Cup. For the Nerazzurri it is the easiest way to return to winning a trophy, for Napoli the shortest one to guarantee the direct Europa League, far from obvious given that the Azzurri also with Lecce have confirmed their unreliability, struggling with the medium-small to then be able to enhance you only in the big evenings in the big-matches.



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