“Inter know what Conte wants, it’s our greatest quality. Scudetto? Exciting race”


Long interview with the official Serie A YouTube channel by Stefan dand Vrij, Inter defender next protagonist of the ex-match against Lazio. The Dutchman starts talking about his the skilln field: “In my opinion, my most important qualities are concentration and a sense of responsibility. In addition, I am technically and tactically gifted. To prepare for a game I use WyScout, an application that offers statistics on all football matches, so that I can understand your strengths and prepare for the best. I think it is important to know who your opponent is: the more ready you are before the start of the race and the better you will do on the field. I analyze my performances differently than those who from outside, I can see my limits. For example, many congratulated me for my performance against Napoli, but I know there is room for improvement in that too. I am very critical of myself, and I can to understand how I should have handled certain situations better “.

Former Feyenoord focuses on Inter: “I think our greatest quality here at Inter is knowing what the coach wants before each game. Everything is prepared to the best, we know what we need to do to win. We are ready to manage the advantage and how to face the difficulties. We are very compact as a team, and this helps us to win. Conte has brought a winning mentality to the club“.

The comment by De Vrij dedicated to Lazio, between past and present: “My period at Lazio has been unforgettable, I have been very well in Rome and I will remember it forever. We have won beautiful games like the Super Cup and the two Cup finals Italy, and we have always reached very high in the standings. It was a good time, in all respects. It is a great time for us, for them and also for Juve. If we all continue to win, the racing league title will be exciting. I’m not surprised that Lazio is doing so well, Inzaghi is very good at creating team spirit and he sees himself even more this year. They never give up, they have won many games in the last few minutes. They have shown so much character, and I think this is thanks to you. ”

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