In Adana, the woman whose body parts were thrown on the road fell victim to the traffic murder!


Turkey appalling events in Adana on February 1, at 6:00 Çakaldere position as D-400 highway in occurred. Allegedly, Mehtap Ateş, who came to Ceyhan from Konya, met with his friend Murat A. The young girl later set out to go to Adana by car with Murat A. and her friend Doğan T.

According to the report of İHA, Ateş went to the city center by car and asked his friend to stop the car, saying that you need a toilet. Ateş, who got off and away from the vehicle, did not return. Waiting in the car, Murat A. started to land and search when his friend did not return.

Murat A. realized that there were corpses on the road at Çakaldere location. Understanding that the corpse belonged to his friend, Ateş, Murat A. reported the situation to the police. The police team, who was dispatched to the scene, found the identity of the young woman and her photo with blood on it.

Adana Police Department Ceyhan District Police Department teams, which started to investigate how the young woman died, determined that the young woman fell victim to the accident. After the investigation, the torn body of Mehtap Ates was removed to the hospital morgue. Ateş’s funeral was taken by his relatives and buried in Konya.


Meanwhile, in the work he performed on the police, H.Ö. He found that the vehicle under his management crashed and then the vehicles coming from behind passed over the body. In his study to find the vehicle and suspect, the police found the security camera footage of the vehicle that hit the young woman.

In the security camera footage, when the suspect entered a station after the accident, stopped here and checked his vehicle, he saw that the young woman in the back right wheel saw that the coat remained, removed it and dumped it, and then tried to repair the damage that occurred in the vehicle for a while after the accident.

Police determined that the suspect’s vehicle was at Adana Airport in his study on these images. Police went to the airport and confiscated the vehicle and found that the suspect had gone to Istanbul. The police have now started work to catch H.Ö. in Istanbul.

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