Imprisonment for mother, model service work


Bar Refaeli (Photo: EPA)9 months of service work. Bar Refaeli(Photo: EPA)

Progress in negotiations for a settlement between
Attorney General Bar Refaeli
And her mother Tzipi Rafaeli – which will include the completion of criminal and civil proceedings opened against them by the tax authority. According to a draft exchange between the parties, it became known whether she would want a one-month and four-month prison sentence, and the daughter would be sentenced to nine months of service work. In addition, the two will pay a criminal fine of about NIS 4 million.

Judge: “One picture is worth a thousand words? Not in the case of Rafaeli and DiCaprio.”

Bar Refaeli will pay NIS 16 million in tax revenue earned abroad

Imprisonment. Tzipi Rafaeli (Photo: Shoka Cohen) (Photo: Shoka Cohen)Imprisonment. Tzipi Rafaeli(Photo: Shoka Cohen)

At the same time, the mother and daughter will appeal the appeal they filed
On the judgment of the Central District Court in Lod, which stated that Rafaeli’s daughter’s life center from 2009-2010 was in Israel, so she will be taxed on income of NIS 16 million earned from her work abroad in those years. Last July, Rafaeli appealed to the Supreme Court On the decision, which required paying NIS 8 million in tax, this amount will be paid to the state.

The criminal case against Rafaeli and her mother is one of the largest income tax investigation cases in recent years. He ripened a year ago to a draft indictment against Rafaeli for evading fraud and fraud, assisted by her mother Tzipi and her father Rafi, from paying tax on income of at least NIS 32 million in 2007-2014./>

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