Historic meeting of China and Holy See ministers – Last Hour


(ANSA) – BEIJING, FEBRUARY 15 – Ministers for the first time
of Foreign Affairs of China and the Vatican, two states without ties
diplomats for decades because of religious controversies, yes
they met.

Wang Yi and his counterpart Monsignor Paul Gallagher have
seen yesterday in Monaco, said the People’s Daily,
organ of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The German city
currently hosts the Security Conference. A meeting a
this diplomatic level has been the first for at least six decades, col
Vatican and the People’s Republic of China that they do not entertain
more diplomatic relations from the 1950s. It takes place in a
context of improvement of bilateral relations, from the
signing of a historic agreement in 2018 on the appointment of bishops in
China. “Today is the first meeting between foreign ministers
China and the Vatican, “said Wang Yi.” This will open up more
room for future exchanges between our two sides, “quotes a
press release published by the People’s Daily on its website


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