his brother-in-law asks him for damages for defamation


There is no peace for Jeff Bezos. After the hacked mobile phone, a new grain hits the Amazon patron and it is an entirely familiar grain. His fiancée’s brother sued him for libel by asking for a fair check for his burning photos held by the National Enquirer.EPISODES
Shots that captured Bezos naked and revealed the relationship between Lauren Sanchez and Amazon’s number one to the world, as well as initially opening an international and political case involving Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman. This made us imagine the indirect paw of Donald Trump, an enemy of Bezos and friend of the owner of American Media, the National Enquirer company.
In the legal action Michael Sanchez categorically denies having given the photos to the tabloid and specifies that he could not have been the mole as he did not have the shots.
Bezos who accused him of selling the photos asks for non-quantified damages, explaining that the accusations made against him cost him a raid at home by the FBI and threats and removals of friends and relatives. In documents filed in a Los Angeles courtroom, Michael Sanchez admits that there is “strategic cooperation” with American Media but explains that the agreement only aimed to limit the damage to his sister and Bezos. His explanations, however, do not convince anyone, not even his sister. ‘He is my older brother. He provided my most personal information “to the tabloid, in what is a” profound and unforgivable betrayal. This meritorious cause hurts my family. We hope my brother finds peace, ”says Lauren Sanchez through her attorney Terry Bird.

When the photo case broke out in 2019, the Saudi track was initially followed: many believed that behind the stolen shots and the burning details of Bezos’ private life in the possession of the National Enquirer there was Bin Salman’s hand. The Saudi prince was in fact considered one of the possible instigators of a hacker attack to steal photos from the phone of Bezos, owner of the Washington Post where the journalist Jamal Kashoggi worked.
Then, as the investigation continued, Michael Sanchez emerged as the probable mole: he would have given the compromising photos and messages to the tabloid in exchange for $ 200,000. And precisely economic reasons could be behind the legal action of Sanchez who, from the richest man in the world, would like a heavy check.


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