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Haggard once again came up with a crucial game, the sling experienced a medal in the Final Four last year, nobody forgot Trent Lockett and Route 1 saw the happiest stopper. Night summary that is all red

Another historical chapter last night (Thursday) for the culture of victories in Hapoel Jerusalem. The team from the capital won the National Cup for the sixth time in its history and the second in a row, after a stubborn and tense battle against the city of Nahariya, marking number 2 this year, after winning the Winner Cup. The Reds have already tasted success earlier in the current decade, but it seems that the human fabric built in Jerusalem over the past two years is the one that takes the team one step further when it comes to combating degrees and meeting decisive moments.The man who might symbolize this most is Jacob Brown. The guard, who has not yet lost a cup game in Israel and is running on the hardwood as if nothing is moving him, once again carried the flag in a crucial game for Jerusalem. Also last year, he excelled with 19 points in the final against Rasht, but yesterday it was a different level. His 0:12 personal run brought the Jerusalemites a first double-digit lead, two of his big baskets helped wake the team at the height of purple momentum and the entire evening is Finished with 26 points in 28 minutes.

“Jacobsen is good at basketball,” he concluded Encourage Ketch Simply the Guard’s appearance. “We trust him, he knows what he’s doing. Sometimes it makes a coach’s job simpler.” Brown, Who celebrated a trophy just before he turned 30, added: “This is the second year in a row that I’m celebrating with a trophy. I’m happy to share the pitch with my teammates, these fans and the coaching staff.”

Hapoel Jerusalem celebrates winning the Cup

Brown. Canal again at the moment of decision (Danny Maron)

Brown. Canal again at the moment of decision (Danny Maron)

James Paladin is also a key part of the special way the Reds do. For this slingshot there was a kind of circle closure. After last year’s freezing cold when Jerusalem was ousted in the Final Four semifinals, last night it was he who pulled the cart out of the mud as Nahariya returned from a double-digit lag in the third quarter, with a three-pointer making the score back. Paladin, who had not yet reached his peak at eight points, continued for another 15 in the final quarter of the game.

“James is my brother. I win with him and lose with him,” Brown continued to share with love. “We knew we would need him in the minutes. In the fourth quarter, I told the coach he had to put him in because I knew he would score crucial shots.” Paladin Already thought ahead: “We hope more successes are on the way. We have more degrees to fight for after the festivities tonight.”

Ketch talked about his two stars’ ability to put the ego aside: “They are who they are in character. Even players with a good character don’t always connect, credit to the club’s huge mantle that gives players the feel of family and so their special character can be expressed.” The coach went on to address the importance of the human fabric in successes: “In the last two years, when we built the group, the emphasis was on human material. It makes us a special group that deals with stressful situations.”

A culture of triumphs is emerging. Hapoel Jerusalem Celebrates Winning (Danny Maron)

A culture of triumphs is emerging. Hapoel Jerusalem Celebrates Winning (Danny Maron)

Trent Lockett’s story illustrates how family life is a leading value in Hapoel Jerusalem. Everyone in the club made sure to mention the foreword he had to abandon two months ago due to his mother’s illness, which he is mourning during this time: ““I want to dedicate the win to Trent, every time we go to parquet we do it for him and try to show him love,” Brown said. “Trent left us and it was tough, but we stayed together,” Paladin noted. : “The story with Trent has to be told with a lot of sensitivity. We give him the time for things to come from him and of course he is part of this win too. We love him, make sure to mention him and play for him every game. It is an integral part of the connection between the actors. “

One of the things that made the achievement sweeter in terms of the Reds is the fact that they went through Maccabi Tel Aviv on the road, overpowered for the first time in the knockout game since the 2008 Cup final. The coach mentioned it and hoped that, unlike last year, it won’t be the only peak of his team’s season: “We made a simple way to win the Cup, we were favorites this week, but don’t forget that on the way we played a game against Maccabi, we came as an underdog. We showed a lot of character. We have won two degrees so far. We are not perfect, mostly bringing with us a spirit. We also need luck at the right moments, but everything at the time. All the time thinking ahead here, how to make things better. ”

And you can’t help but mention the audience. The group from the capital also enjoyed a total home advantage in Yad Eliyahu as the offerings pushed them to the red sea of ​​about 9,000 fans who came to the hall to push the team and provided an electrifying atmosphere. Brown cherishes support: “These are the best fans in the world. They push us and give all the heart. We wanted to do it for them because they are with us in ups and downs.” Ketch added: “The audience is excited at crazy levels. It connects with the character of the players and feels the love of the team.”

Hundreds of fans surprised the team at the Gate Guy interchange as it was on its way to the Malha winning festivities, stopping the players’ bus in the heart of Highway 1 in what became a very happy traffic jam. Some players got on the roof of the bus and documented the festival, others got off the road and felt the warmth of the fans up close.

Hapoel Jerusalem celebrates Cup 1 on Road 1

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